where to buy climbing shoes

Where to Buy Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes are an essential investment for anyone venturing into the world of climbing. However, finding the right pair can be a daunting task, given the variety of options available. Whether you’re a seasoned climber or just starting, the search for the perfect climbing shoes is a significant journey. In this article, we’ll explore the best places to buy climbing shoes, both online and in-store, to help you find the ideal fit for your climbing endeavors.

A Plethora of Options

When it comes to online shopping, the world is your oyster. The virtual realm offers a vast array of climbing shoes, ready for you to explore with just a few clicks. Plus, online retailers often provide discounted prices on previous models, making your climbing dreams a little more affordable.

Where do i buy woman’s climbing shoes?

The Answer is Simple, Choose the Best you like and check the size before you buy.

The Challenge of Well-Fitting Shoes

However, buying climbing shoes online comes with its own set of challenges. The fit of your climbing shoes is not just about comfort; it directly impacts your performance on the wall. A shoe that’s too tight can lead to discomfort and decreased sensitivity, while a poorly fitting shoe can hinder your technique and overall experience.

Online Retailers You Can Trust

Backcountry: Your Outdoor Gear Haven

Backcountry is your go-to destination for quality climbing gear. Founded in 1996 and based in Utah, this company offers an impressive range of climbing hardware and apparel. Their subsidiary, Steep and Cheap, offers limited-time deals on discounted products, so you can score big on savings.

Featuring brands like La Sportiva, Scarpa, Evolv, and more, Backcountry ensures you have a diverse selection to choose from. The added convenience of their app means you can shop anytime, anywhere.

REI: More Than Just a Store

For outdoor enthusiasts, REI is a haven. This membership-based co-op not only offers a diverse climbing gear collection but also channels over 70% of profits back into the community. Their lenient return policies often lead to nearly-new gear being resold at significant discounts, giving you the chance to grab a bargain.

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Becoming an REI member opens doors to discounted rentals, insider tips, and participation in their used gear program – a small investment for long-term savings.

Moosejaw: Adventure and Savings Combined

With brands like Black Diamond, Scarpa, and La Sportiva, Moosejaw is another excellent option for climbers seeking discounts on older models and seasonal sales. They even offer free shipping for purchases over $49 and a price match guarantee, ensuring you get the best deal.

But Moosejaw is not just about shopping; their website also hosts a range of engaging content, from gear tests to team bios, adding an extra layer of excitement to your climbing journey.

Outdoor Gear Exchange: Deals and Responsibility

Outdoor Gear Exchange (OGE) is your destination for the best deals and a clear conscience. Boasting over 50 shoe options, this retailer carries brands like La Sportiva, Evolv, Black Diamond, and more. Plus, they offer free shipping for orders exceeding $49.

OGE’s commitment to social and environmental responsibility means that every purchase supports outdoor access and education. Their consignment program allows you to sell your used gear in return for store credit, ensuring sustainability.

Amazon: The Convenience Giant

The giant of online retail, Amazon, also enters the climbing shoe arena. With brands like Black Diamond, Climb X, Scarpa, and more, Amazon offers the convenience of same-day shipping for Prime members, perfect for those last-minute climbing excursions.

What sets Amazon apart is its hassle-free return policy, giving you peace of mind when making your purchase. However, keep in mind that some newly released models might not be available immediately on the platform.

eBay: Your Treasure Trove

No online shopping experience is complete without a quick visit to eBay. Whether you’re looking for new or used climbing shoes, eBay’s diverse marketplace can yield incredible deals – especially if you’re familiar with your size and preferred model.

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Tips for Buying Climbing Shoes Online

Sizing Matters: The Perfect Fit

Getting the right size is crucial for climbing shoes. Dead space in the toe box reduces sensitivity, while a loose heel box can impact heel hooks. Refer to size charts provided by manufacturers or retailers, and don’t hesitate to seek expert advice.

Order Multiple Pairs: Play It Safe

If you’re uncertain about sizing, consider ordering multiple pairs in different sizes. This not only increases your chances of finding the perfect fit but also provides a basis for comparison. Return the ill-fitting pairs promptly to keep the cycle going.

Different Climbs, Different Shoes: Know Your Needs

Understanding the type of climbing you’ll be doing is key to selecting the right shoe. Are you a beginner seeking comfort, or an experienced climber chasing aggressive performance? Choose accordingly.

Try Before You Buy: Local Shops and Online Deals

Visiting local outdoor stores or REI can provide you with firsthand experience of different shoe options. Once you’ve identified your preferences, explore online retailers for potential discounts.

Mind the Stretch: Material Matters

Consider how different materials stretch over time. Leather stretches, and some materials like Lorica resist stretching. Be aware of these characteristics to ensure a lasting fit.

Buying Climbing Shoes In-Store

Support Your Local Store: Community and Connection

Your local outdoor store is more than just a place to shop – it’s a hub of community and knowledge. Supporting local businesses strengthens your climbing community and provides you with the opportunity to connect with fellow climbers.

REI: Adventure Awaits

REI’s 166 stores across the US offer a treasure trove of climbing gear. Becoming a member unlocks benefits like swap meets and garage sales, and the knowledgeable staff, often seasoned adventurers themselves, can guide you to the perfect shoe.

Bonus Tip: Testing on Real Terrain

When trying on climbing shoes in-store, take advantage of any available climbing walls. Shoes that feel great on flat ground might behave differently on an actual climbing surface, so test them on an incline if possible.

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With this guide, you’re now equipped to make informed decisions about buying climbing shoes. Whether you choose the convenience of online shopping or the personalized experience of in-store visits, your climbing journey is about to get a lot more exciting – and comfortable!

Remember, your climbing shoes are not just gear; they’re your companions on your ascent to new heights. So, go ahead and explore the options, find your perfect fit, and let the adventure begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy climbing shoes without trying them on first?

Absolutely! While trying on shoes in-store provides a tactile experience, reputable online retailers often provide detailed sizing guides. Additionally, ordering multiple sizes and returning the ones that don’t fit is a practical way to ensure the right fit.

What’s the significance of shoe aggression in climbing?

Shoe aggression refers to the curvature and downturn of a climbing shoe. Aggressive shoes offer enhanced precision and power, making them suitable for challenging routes and overhangs. However, they may sacrifice some comfort for performance.

How do I choose the right shoe for various climbing styles?

Select a shoe based on the type of climbing you’ll be doing. Neutral shoes provide all-day comfort, while aggressive shoes offer enhanced performance for challenging climbs. Consider the shoe’s profile, fit, and features to match your climbing style.

Are there any environmentally conscious options for buying climbing shoes?

Yes, many climbing brands are embracing sustainability. Look for companies that prioritize eco-friendly materials, ethical production processes, and initiatives that support outdoor access and conservation.

Can I trust online retailers for accurate sizing?

Reputable online retailers provide detailed sizing charts and guidelines to help you select the right size. Additionally, reading customer reviews can offer insights into the fit and comfort of specific shoe models.

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