where to buy climbing shoes

There are a lot of options available in the market as far as climbing shoes are concerned, and there is no shortage of climbing shoe brands and markets. Choosing the best amongst them is not an easy job, as each vendor has a lot of unique discount offers and different prices are seen on different sites. We have curated this special guide to help you choose the best climbing shoes for your feet. 

Speed climbing began in the 1940s in Russia, when climbers engaged in face competition. One of the fewer climbing skills, speed climbing, has long been ignored by the climbing community.

The shoes you use how quickly you climb, regardless of whether you are a climbing community beginner. Every climber is recommended a certain pair of climbing shoes. Read down for our complete explanation if you wish to learn something about choosing climbing shoes for purchasing fast climbing shoes in-person or online.

The Best Online Climbing Shoe Vendors

You have a wide range of choices regarding online shoe purchasing. With online shops typically offering lower pricing on previous models, shoe shopping may provide a wider variety and options. 

Below is a direction of our preferred vendors if you feel comfortable ordering a set without checking them first.


The powerhouse of online retailing, of fact, offers shoes from the leading climbing top designers. For those who have Amazon Prime, relatively similar delivery is available if you need that footwear immediately.

The major benefits of purchasing your climbing shoes from Amazon are their hardship replacement plan and incomparable delivery speeds.

But the one disadvantage is that you may not be able to get a recently leaked shoe here because many manufacturers don’t immediately publish their new designs on Amazon.


Sports fans’ ultimate desire, REI is a community recreational cooperative with an excellent selection of climbing equipment. Through its customers, staff, and charity organizations, they donate more than 70% of its yearly income returned to the community.

Recover goods are frequently in good shape and recalled due to incorrect fitting or incompatibility rather than having a production issue.


Moosejaw frequently offers discounts on previous designs and holds periodic deals for shoes. They vow to equal any price and provide free shipping on all orders above $49.

The webpage for Moosejaw has many benefits besides being one of the top-selling websites to purchase climbing shoes.


Without a brief check on eBay, no internet buying trip is finished. If you determine your sizing and the style you desire, eBay is a terrific place to purchase climbing shoes at a low price, whether fresh or utilized.

Tips For Buying Climbing Shoes Online

Test before purchasing

You may get a wide variety of shoes by visiting your neighborhood REI or sports store. If you visually inspect some of the aforementioned retail retailers after determining the shape and size of your brand-new set of shoes, you may find lower costs there.

Observe the stretching

It’s important to remember that suede expands, and some fabrics can expand to their total size as you climb and put tremendous pressure on your footwear. Once worn in, climbing shoes using synthetic materials seldom expand. Once you begin wearing them in, they will adapt to the contour of your ankles.

Size Is Important

The fitting of climbing shoes is extremely important, and choosing the right size for your feet can be challenging. A large ankle cup can render those ankle hooking more challenging, while an empty area in the forefoot reduces sensation.

Order a Few Sets.

If you question the fit, demand several sets in various shapes and sizes and send the ones that don’t suit just right back. Although if you are aware of the fitting of your shoes, doing this will help you make comparisons.

Buying Climbing Shoes In-Store

Find The Sports Store Near You

Visit the regional outdoor retailer that most communities have to demonstrate your affection for your neighborhood. You’ll not only be helping a local company, but it’s also a fantastic method of meeting fellow climbers and learning all there is to know about climbing.

Local retailers are a great educational option with experienced sales staff because environmental lovers typically employ them. They routinely host get-togethers and activities for area climbers. Additionally, they frequently offer reduced prices on previous samples to create a place for the latest designs.

Many climbing shops include a wooden fence complete with footholds where customers can try on footwear. When you are climbing a wall, footwear that is worn vertically may look completely different. Therefore, be certain to test those shoes on a real wall to check how they handle hilly inclines.


A very recent addition to the field of competitive climbing is speed. The most effective option you might be to select the best speed climbing shoes. Your buddy and companion will be your climbing shoes. We hope you succeed in your shoe search and expect that these suggestions will assist you in locating the ideal shoes.