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Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet in 2024

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Each climber has a unique set of feet. Some have short ones, some have larger ones, and some have wide ones. Although this feature is unique for everyone, and you should be proud of the set you’ve got, it can also become a hassle when they are choosing the best climbing shoes and other foot accessories for them

The same is the case with climbing shoes. Since everyone has their own unique set of feet, choosing the best climbing shoes for them isnt always easy. Especially for the people with wide feet. Many people become confused when choosing the best climbing shoes for wide feet. Even some are also confused for Symmetrical Vs. Asymmetrical Climbing Shoes

People with other unique sets of feet like big, square, and large ones also face this dilemma. The climbing shoe industry is aware of these problems and has made a lot of climbing shoes considering the features of each of their users. But since the vast market, choosing the best amongst them isn’t always easy. 

We are also aware of this problem of the users and thus have tested a lot of climbing shoe available in the market. After thorough research, we have made an extensive list of the best climbing shoes for wide feet. You can go through this list and see for yourself which climbing shoe set has the best features and is the best one for you. Just before diving into the best climbing shoe pair for your wide feet, lets check factors to consider for wide feet.

Factors to Consider for Wide Feet

Buying climbing shoes is not an easy game. When searching for the best climbing shoes for wide feet, you should take into account the following factors:

Shoe Material

A climbing shoe is typically made from leather, synthetic materials, or a combination of both. Leather climbing shoe sets will stretch more, providing a more comfortable fit over time. A climbing shoe made from synthetic materials, on the other hand, will retain its shape better and is less prone to stretching.

Shoe Closure System

Climbing shoes come with various closure systems such as laces, Velcro straps, or slip-on designs. A climbing shoe with laces offers the most adjustability and can accommodate a wide range of foot shapes, while a climbing shoe with Velcro straps provides ease of use and quick adjustments. Slip-on shoes are generally more comfortable but may lack the precision fit of other closure systems.

Shoe Downturn

The downturn of a climbing shoe refers to the curve of the sole. Shoes with a more aggressive downturn are better suited for technical climbing, while a climbing shoe with moderate to flat downturns are more comfortable for all-day climbing or beginners.

Climbing Shoe Sizing

Sizing can vary between climbing shoe brands and models. It’s crucial to try on several sizes and styles to find the best fitting climbing shoe for your wide feet.

Top Climbing Shoes For Wide Feet

Go through this list to find the best climbing shoes your personal needs and uses. 

1. La Sportiva Skwama Cat Feet

‎La Sportiva


272 grams

Black/ Yellow



We have talked about La Sportiva shoes here before. They occupy the number one spot on this list, and to no surprise, they are one of the best in the climbing shoe game. They combine durability, flexibility, and performance to give good results when it comes to rock climbing.

These rock climbing shoes by La Sportiva have all these features: they are flexible, sensitive to the feet, and entirely fitting. The La Sportiva Skwama have an upper made of microfiber, which gives these rock climbing shoes a low weight while at the same time making them breathable. As far as the sole is concerned, these shoes have a two-piece construction design in that department.

With these on, you are sure to get the best grip because the sole construction can spread out and change into the shape of the rock you are climbing. This makes these rock climbing shoes ideal for mounting, making it easy and fun and also gives the users peace of mind regards their safety.

The upper can perfectly adapt itself to wrap around the feet. This wrapping removes hard areas in the shoe and reduces the empty spaces created by the feet in the climbing shoes. This improves the climbing shoe stability when the user is facing harsh climbing conditions. 

The S-Shell heel technology further enhances the stability and adds to the heel hooks as well as the toe hooks strength and strech


  • Lightweight and breathable upper
  • Two-piece sole


  • Velcro straps for closure can be uncomfortable during rock climbing

The La Sportiva Skwama Cat Feet climbing shoes offer exceptional grip, sensitivity, and support, thanks to their innovative S-Heel technology, P3 Patent System, and Vibram XS Grip2 rubber. Designed for climbers of all skill levels, these shoes provide a comfortable fit, durable construction, and versatile performance for indoor, outdoor and crack climbing scenarios.

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2- Scarpa Instinct VS



198 grams

Black/ Orange



These climbing shoes by Scarpa take the famous Instinct to the next level by providing a softer inside and a more comfortable climbing experience. This comfort in these climbing shoes comes from the toe box and the smooth toe rubber used in the front of the climbing shoes. This also improves the coverage offered for toe hooks and bat hang techniques used in climbing.

The comfort and stability in these climbing shoes are further enhanced by the Vibram sole rubber technology, which allows the users to stand on the thinnest edges thanks to its stiffness. This rubber also works excellent with the toe rubber provided in the front to mold according to the shoe shape. This can give the users some of the best results when it comes to heel hooks in sport climbing. 

Other features of the Scarpa Instinct VS include the upper leather material, a hook and loop closure system, and a bi-tension randing, allowing users to stand on dimes easily during sport climbing. With all these features, all the needs of different types of advanced climbers as well as beginners will be fully met, making these the ideal rock climbing shoes for many conditions. Users with wider feet can also benefit from front and back rubber usage as the shoe will adjust itself according to the foot’s shape.

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Other features to help stretch the climbing shoes are the FV volume last and the elastic tongue, both of which offer a sturdy and flexible design to the shoes and give them a good stretch. This also adds to the overall flexibility and stretch and makes these climbing shoes ideal for all types of sport climbing and hiking

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  • Hook and closure system
  • FV volume last


  • Vibram sole rubber is comparatively less stiff.

Scarpa Instinct VS features and specifications include a high-performance design, Vibram XS edge rubber sole, Bi-Tension randing system, and a synthetic microfiber upper for precision and durability in sport climbing. These are some of the best rock climbing shoes I’ve come across.

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3- Scarpa Veloce



285 grams

Black / Grey


Gym Climbing

This shoe is the master of the indoor climbing shoes game, and masters in sport climbing as well. It comes with a wide toe box, which offers the best indoor climbing experience as climbers of all levels can wear it for a more extended period with ease and comfort. Thus the bouldering sessions will be one hell of a ride for the climbers.

The S-72 rubber technology improves the grip quality for crack climbing and adds to the shoe’s durability. The shoe has a relaxed performance fit (RPF) system, which fills all the extra space in the shoe interior to give more comfort and stability when climbing.

The inside of the shoe is also provided with a DTS tension system that evenly distributes the real tension into the inside and outside of the shoe. This gives the front toe enough support so the user can pull the toe in any crack and pull with full force. This also improves the shoe’s life span and maintains the shoe shape by distributing the tension all around. 

The shoe has a microsuede upper and a front strap closure system. Due to all these features, this shoe was one of the most worn indoor climbing shoes in 2021.


  • DTS tensions system
  • RPF technology


  • Velcro straps can be uncomfortable 

4- Butora Acro



250 grams

Blue / Orange



Butora has recently started making its mark in the climbing shoe world. And they have proved themselves worthy of the attention of the users. With the Acro, Butora kicks the climbing shoe features up a notch. This climbing shoe combines a budget-friendly price with some extra features as well to give one of the best results regarding sensitivity, edging power, and durability

This shoe comes with a german leather upper with a nylon mesh network and a soft sponge option to give the users good comfort. The rubber used in the shoe is of the Butylbutora F5 and NEO rubber technologies which further improve the comfort level of the climbing shoes. The dynamic midsole is molded with a 3D injection to give the feet breathing space and enhance the wearing experience. 

The shoe has a large, thin, and sticky rubber toe patch, giving top-of-the-list sensitivity and grip when the users are toe hooking. A new heel randing system also uses a three-dimensional heel cup molded for the heel shape to improve comfort and give a better fit.

The shoe has a triple-fork closing system which makes taking the shoes off and adding them back on very easy and improves the fit. The climbing shoes are some of the best in terms of overall performance, durability, and design. They were undoubtedly among the best-selling climbing shoes in UK markets in recent years. 


  • NEO Rubber Technology
  • Triple Fork Closing system
  • 3D injected midsole


  • The narrow and deep heel may be uncomfortable for some users.

5- Mad Rock Drone

‎Mad Rock


238 grams




Mad rock began making climbing shoes from scratch and has perfected the art now. They are famous for the stretchy material they use in their climbing shoes, which not only gives the shoes good stretch but also adds to the comfort of the user. 

Their shoes come with a patented sole design that is concave to allow the foot to fit in appropriately. The toe box is also high-profile and stretchy, and the shoe tongue is breathable. The climbing shoes have a rubber sole made of the Science Friction 3 technology, which gives a top-of-the-line comfort and grip

The shoes are perfect for wider feet, but if the user wants an upgrade even in this regard, the climbing shoes also come in a High Profile variant, giving the users a wide toe box and heel cup and a boxier profile.

The upper has Syn Flex material which adds to the comfort. The closure is of the hook and loop variety. The midsole has polyester with a thickness of 1.8mm, which gives exceptional results in terms of comfort and stability


  • Versatile and high performance
  • Best for steep climbing


  • Shape and fit aren’t ideal for everyone.
  • Can seem tight. Not comfortable for all-day use.

6- La Sportiva Miura VS

La Sportiva


300 grams

Yellow/ Black & Multicolored



La Sportiva shoes are one of the best in business regarding climbing footwear. This particular model is especially suited for outdoor climbing. It gives exceptional performance whether you’re doing sports climbing or bouldering.

It has three hook and loop closures that guarantee a great fit and make it fast and efficient. The upper comes with tubular construction technology. P3 technology arch support makes it very durable and performs well over a long time. 

There are slight differences between the velcro straps and lace versions. The lace version is fully lined, while the velcro has a partially lined upper. Velcro features a P3 platform which ensures that its downturned shape remains intact. The sole is of Vibram® XS Edge 4 mm.

Miura VS is a high-performance product performing exceptionally well at thin edges and roped routes. It holds well almost anywhere and is comfortable for all-terrain climbing. All in all, it is truly a versatile shoe. It is an ideal shoe for vertical edging. Additionally, it has a pointed toe-box, which can climb well on pockets. Its aggressive shape and rigid construction ensure safety and performance in steep rock climbing, thus these can easily act as versatile rock climbing shoes. 

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The P3 technology, as mentioned above, guarantees that the shoe retains its shape over its lifespan. La Sportiva makes most of its climbing shoe based on this technology. Durability is a crucial feature of Miura VS. The Miura VS is on the narrower side in terms of its fit than other La Sportiva climbing shoes.

However, it is essential to mention that Miura VS is intentionally designed as a pair of tight climbing shoes to ensure optimal performance –  which means that we can not use it for all-day use. This shoe is built exclusively for sharp edges and steep terrain.

An interesting thing about this shoe is that its wearers have reported developing a small callus on the big toe. It has become so common that it is known as the “Miura bump.” But it’s not a big concern as the condition only develops due to excessive use and usually goes away after some time.

This shoe also features a women’s version, which is slightly different from men’s. The main difference is in the sole. The men’s version boasts Vibram XS edge rubber, while the former features Vibram XS Grip 2.

The women’s version is narrow and available in different colors.

In summary, the Miura VS’s key feature is its durability. You can easily expect aggressive performance from these rock climbing shoes during your steep climbing sessions. It is truly a high-performance shoe, thanks to the Vibram XS edge rubber. The Muira VS has a good reputation among climbers and has stood the test of time.


  • Versatile and high performance
  • Best for steep climbing


  • Shape and fit aren’t ideal for everyone.
  • Can seem tight. Not comfortable for all-day use.

7- Scarpa Helix



215 grams

Hyper Blue



One of the most popular products from the Italian company, Scarpa, Helix is a beginner-friendly shoe that is comfortable yet does not compromise performance. With a flat and symmetrical profile, adjustable lace-up construction, and padded tongue, Scarpa Helix is a neutral climbing shoe and is quite famous among climbers.

Helix is an ideal shoe for long-lasting comfort. Its heel cushioning enhances the comfort and makes it snug. To the toe, lacing makes it easier to adjust the shoe to your liking. 

Its primary material is leather, while the outsole and sole are made from Vibram® XS Edge. There is no compromise on the quality of materials used to make this shoe. That’s part of the reason why this shoe has been a popular choice over the years. It has won numerous awards for “Best Beginner Climbing Shoe” and “Best For All Day Comfort.” 

Scarpa Helix may be the shoe for you if you’re new to climbing and you’re perplexed over which shoe to choose. They perform well, but the main focus is comfort. If that’s your priority, then you should go for these. It’s worth noting that comfort is not usually a feature of climbing shoes, which can be pretty aggressive and take a toll on your feet when worn long enough.

It has a flat sole and no aggressive curve, making it an excellent choice for casual climbers. It serves on multi-pitch very well. Helix is a perfect all-around shoe. Its sole is rigid and supportive; the upside is that we can resolve this shoe. 

This factor alone greatly enhances its longevity. Its breathability is exceptional too. It is safe to say that Helix is an excellent option for beginners while being a relaxed one for more experienced climbers looking for comfort. After all, comfort is the main focus and selling point of Scarpa Helix.

They are also available for women with no considerable difference except in color. 

Some users have reported that the shoe stains their feet blue due to excessive sweating. But it’s no big concern as we can easily wash off the color.

Talking about performance, Helix is a good all-rounder. It can prove helpful for a range of climbing activities. Decreasing the size can give you some edge in performance, though.

Helix performs well in smearing, although according to reviews, it smears better on indoor walls than outdoors.

Its price is also attractive. It is the cheapest shoe that Scarpa offers that sports a Vibram sole.

Scarpa also offers excellent customer support, including all kinds of repairs lest there should be any defect.


  • Perfect entry-level climbing shoe.
  • A great all-rounder and provides incredible comfort.


  • Not a high-performance shoe.
  • Its flashy blue color may not be for everyone and can stain the feet.

8- Evolv Oracle



Outer Material 

4.2mm TRAX® SAS


255 grams



Material type



Climbing shoes

These aggressive shoes from Evolv has a striking appearance with its blue, red, and grey color combination. It has a significant downturn with lace-ups and is ideal for pro climbers looking for a shoe that delivers on all types of terrain. Oracle gives you exceptional fit and control and is one of the best rock climbing shoes available in the market at its price range. 

It has some great features which make it highly distinguishable from the competition. It sports Agion® Antimicrobial lining on the split tongue. Its lace-up closure is quick and easy. Its dark spine helps lock the heel into the show protecting the calcaneus bone. 

Another stunning feature is the “knuckle box,” which is an extra space for the curled knuckle of your big toe when your foot is in a downturned position. You avoid pushing into the fabric, which can often cause hotspots.

It has a “love bump” which fills the dead space under the toes while directing the energy towards the edging surface

TRAX® SAS delivers on friction and durability. The FSS Heel Tensioner gives unparalleled support for any kind of climbing. These innovative features enable Oracle to stand out in the competition.

To sum it up, Evolv Oracle is an ultra-premium, high-performance moderate climbing shoe that delivers on all terrain and for various climbing activities. It gives excellent all-around performance while being at a reasonable price point. It boasts some fantastic, innovative features that make it look distinct in the climbing shoe game. 

Although climbing shoes with this kind of aggressive profile are not known for comfort, Oracle does reasonably well in this department due to its unique features. It is a reasonably popular choice among the more proficient climbers. 

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It is an excellent choice if you have wide feet; its lace-up system allows you comfortable fitting and is very quick and efficient. Evolv is known for its wide-fitting shoes in general. The Oracle can hold out even in some tricky climbing sessions. Its color scheme, design, and innovative features make it a reasonable option if you’re focused on a premium, high-performing shoe. 

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Although it is a great all-rounder, and excels in the aggressive shoes category, you can face some trouble during crack climbing or pocket climbing sessions. Besides, it is a genuinely competitive offering from Evolv that still has a slightly lower price than other ultra-performance shoes that do the same job.


  • Innovative features. Competitive price. 
  • Exceptional edging. Great lace-up that allows fit and comfort.


  • The toe volume is significant.
  • Not ideal for thin cracks and pockets.

9- La Sportiva Tarantula


La Sportiva

Outer Material 





Red, Orange, Blue

Material type

Suede Leather


Climbing shoes

Tarantula is a favourite among beginners. It is known for sheer comfort and fit, which is excellent for most types of beginner’s climbing. It is indeed one of the most comfortable climbing shoes available. It has a wide toe box, so you can wear it for more extended periods of climbing without having to take it off. It has FriXion RS 4mm sole and tensioned heel rand, which makes it a great fit.

This is one of the best beginner’s climbing shoes and is the first choice among most newcomers. It is perfect for gym climbing while also being good enough for outdoor climbing. It is a little more aggressive than usual beginner’s shoes which makes it a good option for pro climbers looking for a second pair for some light climbing.

 Although you can’t expect a great deal on the technical front, after all, it is a reasonably basic shoe. They come at a relatively affordable price too. They are available in velcro as well as lace-up versions. Lace-ups generally provide greater flexibility in terms of adjustment and fitting. 

Since it is a beginner shoe, it has no down-turn and offers a flat sole with a slightly asymmetrical last. Tarantula is very stable and durable; if you take care of it, it can hold out for a significant time

It has a significant advantage over the rest of the competition if you’re looking for a shoe to do indoor climbing. Another unique feature is that the tongue is made from sweat-resistant material so that you can wear it comfortably over longer durations. 

In summary, Tarantula is a relatively affordable offering from La Sportiva. It nails all the basics of a beginner’s climbing shoe at a competitive price. It is comfortable and a great fit, especially in the lace-up version. It is excellent for indoor wall climbing and light outdoor climbing. 

It comes in a handful of color options to choose from. The durability is excellent too. It is well-suited for vertical terrain. It is one of the most comfortable climbing shoes you can buy, a factor which is essential for budding climbers. As you gain more and more experience and start exploring tricky terrains and boulders, you can go for other high-performance options. 

But at the start, Tarantula does the job exceptionally well, giving you comfort while not skimping too much on performance. It has quality material that ensures no wear and tears even after repeated use. There is no wrinkling on the tongue and other parts of the shoe, as seen in some other beginner’s shoes, which don’t have such quality materials.

Tarantula is suitable for direct, easy, extended routes and warming up. Even if you’re not a beginner and looking for a comfortable and reliable shoe to do casual climbing, Tarantula is the perfect choice for you. Its affordability is one of the key selling points. It is effortless to use this shoe. That’s why it ranks among the best rock climbing shoes among beginners at climbing gyms as well as outside


  • Affordable
  • Highly comfortable
  • Perfect for beginners and indoor climbing


  • Not suitable for cracks and boulders
  • Can undergo stretching up to 1 size.
  • Not very sturdy.


Are La Sportiva shoes good for wide feet?

Some models like the La Sportiva Skwarma are one of the best climbing shoes for wide feet. They consider all the factors that people with wide feet need and provide the best climbing results.

Are your toes curled in the climbing shoes?

Yes, the toes curve a little when it comes to climbing shoes. This is different from many street shoes and is important because the shoe design is made so that the front of the foot needs to be as close to the front of the shoe. The best climbing shoes have this feature.

My big toe hurts in climbing shoes. Is this okay?

Climbing shoes tend to be snug in the front. The toes generally touch the front of the shoe, and the knuckles of some little toes are even bent slightly. So a little pain in the beginning is not to be worried about, as it is a mark of the best climbing shoes. But if your toes hurt a lot every time you wear the shoe, consider going for a bigger size.

Are the climbing shoes for men wider than those for women?

Yes, men’s climbing shoes tend to be wider than women’s. A men’s size 14 shoe will be wider than the women’s size 14. So people with extremely narrow feet can sometimes get uncomfortable dead spaces on the sides of the shoes.

Does the width of the climbing shoes increase with the stretch?

The width does not increase during the stretch of the shoes. In some of the best climbing shoes, it’s only the upper of the shoe that expands in width and volume.


Now you know all about the best climbing shoes for wide feet. Even if you are a beginner or a more experienced climber who has still not found the best fitting rock climbing shoes for his wide feet, remember to look at all the available options before buying and decide for yourself if the shoes fit your criteria. 

But if the climbing shoe fit your standards and cost a little extra, don’t hesitate to spend some extra bucks for the peace of mind you will get after climbing with the best shoes for the job is matchless. Happy perfect climbing!

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