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5 Best Women’s Climbing Shoes

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Scarpa Quantic

scarpa quantic
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La sportiva theory

theory women
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La Sportiva solution comp

women solution comp

In the event that you’ve purchased a couple of climbing shoes, you’ve presumably seen a few models with women’s particular renditions. It’s valid since as of late, most climbing shoe brands have fostered the best women’s climbing shoes with a plan that is intended to fit a lady’s foot better compared to the conventional men’s plans. 

After fastidiously exploring and testing a few sets of shoes, we made this manual for the best climbing shoes for women so you can track down a couple that works for your requirements and inclinations. We’ve invested a lot of energy and exertion in examining the web retailers and scrutinizing neighborhood gear shops to carry the best items to you. 

Many pitches and rock issues have been moved to obtain the most dependable outcomes. We’ve climbed breaks, pulled on pockets, tumbled off our activities, and pussyfooted up sensitive pieces, all for the sake of testing

From circuits in the exercise center to the general walls of the Verdon Gorge, we have invested the energy to assist you with finding the right sets of women’s climbing shoes.

Difference Between Men & Women’s Shoes

There are assortments of footwear that are sorted by orientation, and they are regularly accessible on the lookout. A shoe is expected to secure and comfort the human foot while completing a few exercises. 

As per the evolving pattern, different kinds of chic shoes are accessible for all kinds of people. Customarily, shoes were produced using calfskin, wood, or material, yet in the present period, they are progressively made of elastic, plastics, and other petrochemical-determined materials. On the lookout, the shoes accessible are men’s and ladies’ shoes, as they vary principally in their orientation.

With regards to purchasing athletic shoes that are explicit for various games, there is surely a more prominent assortment for men. Both high tops and low tops are all more broadly accessible for men, and there are a lot more choices for men with regards to spikes, ball shoes, and comparable game-explicit footwear.

Yet, some athletic shoe brands are starting to understand that there are a bigger number of contrasts among people’s feet than simply size and that this ought to be reflected in shoes.

Adidas has pioneered the shoe game by making some of the earliest women’s climbing shoes. Furthermore, Ryka is a shoe brand planned by and made just for women. 

Practically speaking, you ought to constantly purchase the shoes that equip your feet the best. Since a couple of shoes are assigned as “men’s” or alternately “women’s,” it doesn’t be guaranteed to mean you need to utilize either. A lot of women wear men’s bouldering shoes as well as the other way around.

Buying Guide For The Best Women’s Climbing Shoes For Beginners

Purchasing your most unique sets of climbing shoes can feel like an overwhelming errand, given the number of incredible choices out there. A ton of the jargon used to examine climbing shoe plans might feel unfamiliar to you, but we have got you covered.

We’ll separate all that you want to realize about shoe plans and fit in this segment so you’ll have an essential starting point for what to search for and get some information about when you’re prepared to purchase.


We will go ahead and say that, as we would like to think, the elastic on the sole doesn’t make any difference as much as the thickness of the elastic. I intend to say with this that there are particular kinds of elastic. Vibram’s XS Edge is a great representation known for the most extreme hold, while others – like FriXion – are less tacky but last longer.


Your talent will be one of the most noteworthy aspects supporting you to prefer the best climbing shoes for women. Typically, beginner climbing shoes are more balanced, more sweeping, more restful, and smallish adaptable than more progressive shoes.

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Tightness & Rest

You could claim the best sets of climbing shoes on the planet, yet in the event that they don’t fit you or you aren’t happy, they might worsen the climbing experience. The best way to genuinely know whether a shoe is ideal for you is to give it a shot.

Indoor or Outdoor Climbing

Whether you need to climb inside or outside will influence your choice. Conditions and mileage do differ while contrasting gym climbing and rock climbing. While any set of shoes will work for the two mediums, a few shoes will perform better at the exercise center while others sparkle outside.


As a fledgling, you’ll, by and large, need a level/unbiased or marginally downturned shoe. Most climbers get going with an unbiased shoe, and then select more slump/forcefulness after some time. A few climbers who intend to climb frequently and progress rapidly may pick a somewhat downturned choice.

Best Women’s Rock Climbing Shoes 2023

These shoes spread up a multi-pitch section, stuck into a scope of break widths, endured showers and hit the precipice during 90-degree Fahrenheit summer heat. 

The courses were dissipated from Canada to Colorado on different North American rocks and went between sport climbing, top-rope, and trad climbing.

And keeping in mind that there is certainly not a solitary perfect pair of indoor shoes that works for each individual’s feet and climbing style, we’ve featured different choices. It tends to be helpful to have various shoes for various climbing disciplines in the event that you fiddle with multiple, as many frequently do.

These are the shoes we wear and love — the women’s climbing shoes that will make you hit the stones or the ridge more accurately than any other time in recent memory.

Editor’s Choice


Scarpa Quantic

scarpa quantic

Premium Pick


La sportiva theory

theory women

Budget Pick


La Sportiva solution comp

women solution comp

The Best Women’s Climbing Shoes For Narrow Feet

Scarpa Quantic:


Synthetic Microsuede

180 grams


Vibram XS Edge

Sports Climbing

SCARPA Quantic is a woman climbing shoe created to deliver you exceptional amenities integrated with superior implementation. You can use it on the rock, such as on boulders, in exercise centers, or on difficult paths.

Quantic presents its soundest quality on any topography. The microsuede upper is very restful, and while adjusting to your paw, it does not render and does not extend over the duration. In this method, you will consistently hold a well suitable shoe

The quick and relaxing dual velcro closure scheme qualifies you to encounter excellent adjustment for your foot, authorizing you to save the shoe for an extended duration. Analogized to the men’s ideal, this rendition has diminished importance, assembling it is especially appropriate for individuals with tiny claws.


  • Multipanel microsuede upper 
  • HT-Tension™ 
  • PAF heels 
  • Full-length 3.5 mm dense Vibram XS Edge outsoles


  • Lengthy break in period

The Best Women’s Indoor Climbing Shoes

LA Sportiva Theory:

‎La Sportiva


345 grams

Black/ Hibiscus

Vibram XS Grip2

Rock Climbing

La Sportiva Theory Woman is the most expected ladies’ climbing shoe. As a matter of fact, this is an incredible oddity that all La Sportiva bouldering lovers were anticipating.

As a matter of fact, particularly intended for indoor climbing, La Sportiva has concentrated on the improvement of bouldering for quite a while to make an ideal shoe according to all perspectives.

In this manner, it is ideal for climbing a block loaded with volumes: because of D-Tech (Dynamic Technology), Theory has a kind of parallel No-Edge. A shortfall of edges makes it conceivable to depend on the whole surface of the shoe.

The Vibram XS Grip2 combination assembles the items delicately. Because of the thicknesses separated by the push zone, Theory is touchy in the bigger backings and erupted at the volumes and exact even in the littlest holds.

Indeed, even the heel has a decreased magnitude to be incredibly swathing and enacting in order to eliminate any reason of doubt. At long last, you will find a meagre layer of elastic that covers 90% of the upper piece of the shoe to permit even all the toe snares you need.


  • Slip-on development and single snare-and-circle terminations 
  • Elastic toe covers 
  • Protected Figure-8 slingshot tensioning system 
  • Vibram XS Grip Technology 


  • Some users complain of tightness even in their own sizes

La Sportiva Solution Comp 

‎La Sportiva

Synthetic Microfiber

420 grams

Hibiscus/ Malibu Blue

Suede Leather 


This high performance offering from La Sportiva is an aggressive rock climbing shoe that is especially designed for steep terrains and bouldering. For proficient and competitive climbers, this shoe is a go-to choice. It provides technically sharp climbing performance that you can count on any day.

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It is optimal for both outdoor and indoor climbing. Like other La Sportiva shoes, it features P3 technology which gives great distribution of tension. It also provides the shoe with good durability. It is generally considered as one of the best performance climbing shoes for women.

It has a rubber toe cap and elongated heels giving reliable toe and heel hooking. It is different from La Sportiva’s Solution Comp; it has a female-specific fitting and is more comfy.

Its quick and efficient lacing closure makes it easier to adjust the fitting as compared to the velcro straps. Solution Comp is great for smearing, heel hooks and overhangs. Due to these features and many more, this shoe can be called as the best women’s sport climbing shoes.

It is however not recommended if you want an all-day comfort shoe, for it is specifically designed to deliver great performance. In climbing shoes, either you get great performance while having to compromise on comfort or it’s the other way around. 

For sizing, you should try going a size down to find the optimum fit. 


  • Great tension distribution with P3 system
  • Precise performance; both indoors and outdoors
  • Effective lacing system


  • Not an all-day comfort option
  • Lacks versatility 

Scarpa Maestro Mid Eco (Women’s)


Synthetic Rubber

274 grams

Malva/ Milk



Scarpa Maestro Mid Eco for women is a moderate level climbing shoe that balances great performance and all-day comfort. Though a bit pricey, they are one of the best women’s intermediate climbing shoes

It has Vibram XS Edge rubber which is sticky enough to prevent you from slipping. IPC tension provides nifty support needed for micro-edging. It is made from leather that is processed in an environment-friendly way, hence the Eco in the name.

Maestro is a very popular shoe among trad climbers due to its minimal downturn. It provides superb all-day comfort. You can climb in one of these all day without having to take them off. 

It has a women-specific fit with a narrow last and low-volume heel cup. Its lacing system is quick and efficient providing adjustability in fitting. Its comfortability makes it a very sensitive shoe. 

Its superb balance of performance and comfort makes it one of the best women’s climbing shoes. It is especially good for trad climbing and crack climbing

Like most climbing shoes, it can stretch quite a bit, so it is always a wise idea to size down to avoid fitting problems


  • Superb crack climbing
  • Exceptional Comfort
  • Good sensitivity


  • Pricey

Evolv Shakra



204 grams

Yellow/ Various



Evolv Shakra is a shoe specially designed for women climbing enthusiasts. It is comfortable, versatile and gives great over-all performance. It is a go-to option among climbers with low volume feet.

Shakra is great for bouldering and various kinds of outdoor climbs. You get a lot of color options with this shoe as well. It has some unique features such as ‘love bump’ which essentially fills the dead space under your toes while putting most of the energy towards the edging surface.

It offers good sensitivity as well. It has an aggressive shape but can prove to be a good choice for beginners too. It does most types of climbing well such as bouldering, indoor climbing etc.  but lags behind in crack climbing. Evolv Shakra strikes a good balance between comfort and precision.  

With velcro straps, Shakra is easy to take on and off and does well in break-in periods. All in all, this shoe can be called as the best women’s outdoor climbing shoes.


  • Comfortable
  • Snug heel cup
  • Great support for feet during extensive climbing


  • Not good for cracks
  • Perfect fit is hard to find
  • Mediocre edging performance

Choosing the Right Climbing Shoe

Understanding the different types of climbing shoes and how to find the perfect fit is crucial for a successful climbing experience. Let’s explore the key aspects to consider:

Neutral Shoes

Neutral shoes are designed for beginners and long multi-pitch climbs. They offer a comfortable fit with a flat sole, providing stability and support for all-day climbing sessions.

Moderate Shoes

Moderate shoes strike a balance between comfort and performance. They are ideal for intermediate climbers and offer versatility for various climbing styles and terrains.

Aggressive Shoes

Aggressive shoes are specifically designed for advanced climbers tackling steep and overhanging routes. With a downturned shape and sticky rubber, they excel in providing maximum power and precision.

Finding the Perfect Fit

When trying on climbing shoes, pay attention to the following factors:

Toe Space

Ensure that your toes have enough space to move without excessive pressure or discomfort. A slight curling of the toes is normal, but avoid excessive pain or cramping.


The shoes should fit snugly, without any significant dead space or excessive tightness. A secure fit ensures optimal control and precision while climbing.

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Heel Fit

Check that the heel of the shoe fits snugly against your own heel, with no excessive gaps or slippage. A secure heel fit enhances stability and prevents blisters.

Test Climbing

If possible, test the shoes by climbing on a small section of the wall or a bouldering route. This allows you to assess their comfort, grip, and overall performance.

The World of Climbing Shoes

Climbing shoes have come a long way in terms of design and technology. Over the years, advancements in materials and construction have revolutionized the climbing shoe industry.

Evolution of Climbing Shoes

Early climbing shoes were simple, leather-soled shoes with minimal features. However, with the rise in popularity of rock climbing, manufacturers started developing specialized shoes for different climbing styles.

Technological Advancements

Modern climbing shoes incorporate innovative features such as advanced rubber compounds, aggressive downturned shapes, and precise edging capabilities. These advancements provide climbers with enhanced performance and greater confidence on the wall.

Mastering Steep Sport Climbing

Steep sport climbing poses unique challenges that require specific shoe features and techniques. Here’s what you need to know to excel in this demanding style of climbing:

Techniques for Steep Sport Climbing

Steep sport climbing often involves overhanging routes, requiring climbers to use powerful movements and maintain tension on the wall. Techniques such as heel hooks, toe hooks, and precise footwork are crucial for success.

Features to Look for in Shoes

When choosing climbing shoes for steep sport climbing, consider the following features:

Aggressive Downturn

An aggressive downturned shape provides better power transfer and precision on steep terrain. It allows climbers to engage smaller footholds and maintain stability on overhanging routes.

Sticky Rubber

Opt for shoes with sticky rubber that offers excellent grip on both indoor and outdoor climbing surfaces. This ensures better friction and enhances your ability to perform demanding moves.

Heel and Toe Hook Compatibility

The ability of a shoe to accommodate heel and toe hooks is crucial for steep sport climbing. Look for shoes with a secure heel cup and a front profile that allows effective toe hooking.

The Power of Heel and Toe Hooks

Heel and toe hooks are advanced climbing techniques that can significantly improve your ability to tackle difficult routes. Here’s why these techniques are essential and the shoe features that support them:

Benefits of Heel and Toe Hooks

Heel hooks and toe hooks enable climbers to use their feet as additional points of contact, providing stability and leverage. These techniques are particularly useful on overhanging routes with limited handholds.

Shoe Features for Effective Hooks

To maximize the effectiveness of heel and toe hooks, look for climbing shoes with the following features:

Sticky Rubber Coverage

Shoes with sticky rubber coverage on the heel and toe areas provide better friction and grip during hooks. This ensures that your feet stay secure on holds, allowing you to execute powerful moves.

Stiff Midsole

A shoe with a stiff midsole helps transfer power from your feet to the wall, improving the stability and precision of your hooks. It minimizes flexing and increases the overall performance of your foot placements.

Heel Cup Design

A well-designed heel cup with a secure fit enhances the effectiveness of heel hooks. It prevents your heel from slipping out and allows you to exert more force and control during dynamic moves.

Unisex Climbing Shoes

Unisex climbing shoes offer versatility and convenience for climbers of all genders. However, they have their advantages and disadvantages. Here’s what you need to know:

Advantages of Unisex Shoes

  • Wide availability: Unisex shoes are often more readily available compared to gender-specific models.
  • Shared use: Unisex shoes can be shared among climbers, making them a cost-effective choice for climbing groups or couples.
  • Comfortable fit: Some climbers find that unisex shoes provide a more comfortable fit, regardless of gender.

Disadvantages of Unisex Shoes

  • Fit variations: Unisex shoes may not offer the same level of fit customization as gender-specific models, potentially leading to less-than-optimal performance.
  • Gender-specific needs: Female climbers may have specific foot shape or sizing requirements that are better addressed by women’s climbing shoes.


Now you know your way around some of the best women’s climbing shoes. The fit and execution of the shoes are abstract which means that what fits one lady like it was handcrafted could make another outrageous when it comes to the fit and some other characters. 

We suggest taking into account the factors we described in the buying guide while buying shoes and pursuing your own decisions by giving them a shot prior to making the final buy. Also, in conclusion, feel free to look at every one of the gender-neutral models. There are a lot of beneficial shoes that don’t come in ladies’ particular variants. The shoe being gender-specific shouldn’t stop you from wearing it if you are absolutely loving it. Happy climbing.

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