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The Best Neutral Climbing Shoes

The term “best neutral climbing shoes” merely refers to the minimalistic design of the footwear. These flexible and snug climbing shoes are typically found on the toes of novice climbers or in the inventory of seasoned pros who save them for non-linear and non-massive expeditions.

What Are Neutral Climbing Shoes?

Neutral climbing shoes that you might wear for a casual climb are included in the neutral climbing shoes catergory. Neurtal climbing shoes are not made for prolonged hiking, which is the simplest method of harming all that adhesive leather. These climbing shoes have a nearly flat bottom and have very little or no downturn. Thus they can not be used for aggressive climbing and sport climbing routines , but are perfect for light everyday climbs.

LA Sportiva TC Pro 

La Sportiva


247 Grams


Eco Leather

Trad Climbing

The redesigned La Sportiva TC Pro almost lives up to expectations for climbing anything, anywhere. These aggressive rock climbing shoes for wide feet have exceptional trim, a balanced toe, crack defense at the ankle, sufficient defaming power, and a semi-stiff bottom that maintains your paws handling good angle after pitch. 

For the best single-quiver shoe, this makes the shoe a strong contender. This shoe’s most recent iteration also responds to issues raised with the first one, such as Achilles soreness and complaints regarding durability

The TC Pro lags behind several specialist shoes in their spheres, as with any jack-of-all-trades. 

These are practically the best trad climbing shoes but don’t excel in the steep climbing and in the gymnastic world of high-end sport climbing, indoor climbing, bouldering or gym climbing.

The TC Pro’s XS Edge rubber is intended for the edge, as the name suggests. It excels at achieving this goal. The interior and outside edges of this climbing shoe feel accurate enough for hard face sport climbing, and the pointed toe easily stands on quite minuscule features. The TC Pro uses P3 technology to enhance support like many other highly regarded La Sportiva shoes

A tensioned material is used in this design across the heel and extends within the shoe to the toes. You can crank and jam with impunity in all directions because of the toe box’s nearly flat design, which fits into cracks reasonably well; the heel hooks will also be secure. Thus, it can also function well as a crack climbing shoe.

No matter how much you attempt to bend your foot into the wide material, the forefoot maintains its shape and is surprisingly stiff, considering how soft the shoe feels. The high-top upper provides excellent crack protection, while the sole provides a tonne of support to prevent fatigue. Its performance in both areas is more crucial than its out-of-the-box comfort.

I’ve been moving in Mythos shoes for a long time, so I like La Sportiva. Yet, I needed something with somewhat more security for break/offwidths. The TC ace’s are about the main thing accessible with a high lower leg, yet at $180 I recoiled for some time. Then I tracked down a couple for $140 so concluded the time had come.

I’m very content with this rock climbing shoe, as it climbs much greater at everything than I anticipated. These have turned into my go-to coordinate for all climbing. My Mythos have been consigned to simple drawn out day courses.

They edge unquestionably well thanks to the flexible toe rubber and bestow a considerable amount of capacity to the huge toe. The facts really confirm that the moderately thick rubber insole removes some responsiveness, however I genuinely don’t track down that an issue.

I purchased size 41.5. They at first extended rapidly and I figured they may be too enormous, yet they quit extending rapidly as well and they are currently an ideal fit – toes contacting the end, yet at the same not becoming a stiff shoe pair. Agreeable for several hours all at once. I wear a 9.5 road shoe and my Mythos are a size 41. I attempted a 41 in the TC master yet it appeared to be excessively close. 41 would most likely have been Acceptable for single pitch hard ascensions, however I’m more into multi-pitch trad.

My main slight objection is that the tongue will in general twist at the edges when you previously put on the shoes, so you must be somewhat mindful so as to streamline it prior to binding up, yet that has a little better as the shoes have gotten comfortable.

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I could be off-base about this, however deciding by the fit on my normal/slender feet, I feel that they may not fit well on wide feet.

I enthusiastically suggest these shoes for intermediate climbers, as well as for climbers for all other levels.

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So far, being among intermediate climbers, I adore these shoes. By 5.10, I had a pair of 42cm Moccasyms, but even though that is my typical shoe size, they ended up being too loose. I went down a half size for these because of the harder sole, and they fit perfectly! Although reviews claim that these eventually stretch to fit half a size smaller, I’m not sure if I should have ordered a whole size smaller.

So far, I adore these shoes. By 5.10, I had a pair of 42cm Moccasyms, but even though that is my typical shoe size, they ended up being too loose. I went down a half size for these because of the harder sole, and they fit perfectly! Although reviews claim that these eventually stretch to fit half a size smaller, I’m not sure if I should have ordered a whole size smaller.

incredibly cosy shoes The break-in phase was really brief, and I can spend hours climbing in them.
Sadly, the right shoe’s stitching is already unravelling beneath the loops. On the other shoe, it appears a touch flimsy as well. When I tried to contact La Sportiva about it, their website wouldn’t accept warranty inquiries, and their phone number was busy.
I have to take my time putting these on because the connection for the shoe’s tongue is so little. If I don’t, the tongue folds and presses against the top of my foot.
I’m hoping that support will cooperate with me on a warranty. I hope these sneakers last me for longer than a year


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For Size Conversion please Visit the Climbing Shoe Size Conversion page

Intended Use

Intermediate-High Performance Shoe; Excels at Thin Face and Trad climbing.


Pointed | Downturned | Moderate Asymmetry (PD55)

How Tight to Tension the Heel

Medium-Firm Heel Tension if crack climbing; Tight Heel for High Performance Climbing


Medium-High/Accomodating Width due to Laces

Surface Sensitivity

1 out of 5


5 out of 5



Sole/Toe Edge

4mm Vibram XS Edge


Lace-Up Shoe Design

Is the LA Sportiva TC Pro durable?

The LA Sportiva TC Pro is Considered among high-stiffness shoes as it is unlined and Surface sensitive , Pointed & Asymmetrical

Is LA Sportiva TC Pro easy to use?

Yes, The LA Sportiva TC Pro comes with easy straps and has lace up that give a Really Good Grip to the User’s Feet, making it one of the most fitting among its climbing shoe contenders.

What are the dimensions of this item?

Package Dimensions are 13.86 x 6.46 x 4.69 inches

What colors are available?

unnamed file

La Sportiva Men’s Tc Pro Cat Feet climbing shoes come in Two colors. Olive and Sage.

We Did Test the Shoes and Find out some positive features which made these climbing shoes worth trying

Colors available

71reSpsKS0L. AC UX569 1
71qAxn5H3VL. AC SX679. SX. UX. SY. UY 1
Olive Green


  • This climbing shoe is designed to provide all-day support and comfort while vertical edge and crack climbing
  • The medial lacing harness’s thinner webbing promotes comfort in foot jams.
  • The iconic Dawn Wall and Freerider Routes of El Capitan are gently referenced by embossed topo outlines.
  • Padding in the ankles of the mid-height cuff of the climbing shoe provides additional protection in broader as well as thin cracks.
  • For hot days on the wall, perforated leather shoes uppers promote airflow.


  • Pricey as compared to similar climbing shoe pairs
  • Limited usage as bouldering shoes.

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Evolv Rave Men’s Climbing Shoes 



247 Grams

Yellow /Black

VTR Rubber Combination

Rock Climbing Shoes

If you are looking for aggressive shoes for beginner climbers, The Evolv Rave is the best choice. This climbing shoe is simple to take off and put on, comfortable, and performs well for experienced as well as beginner climbers searching for a technical model. Breathability and comfort are ensured by the leather upper. Additionally, it will properly fit your foot over time as it adapts to it. Its ballerina design is ideal for common gym climbing or indoor climbing conditions when you frequently take off and put on your shoes.

The design in this beginner climbing shoe incorporates the VTR, a mechanism that allows the rubber wrapped in the upper’s circumference to have different densities. The soft rubber will be thinner where there is the most stress and thicker where there is less stress. It makes the foot pocket more durable while also enhancing your comfort! Instead, the tensioning mechanism provides the shoe a slightly arched form that enables you to apply all your force to the toe area while still being accurate.

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The Rave is a moderately rigid shoe thanks to its midsole and sole, which allows you to spread your foot out in even the most demanding volumes while providing good support on even the slightest supports. The top of the line in terms of traction and sturdiness for Evolv is the Trax SAS 4.2mm rubber, which is coated on the sole.

Despite being a unisex model, the sizes are given in men’s terms. 

Therefore, it is advised that a woman take a number and a half less than what is specified.

These slippers are fantastic for casual climbers like myself. Whereas all of the other brands of the beginner shoe game don’t fit my narrow foot well, the Rave does. I have no trouble wearing them all day on different types of rock and climbing techniques. The rubber is not quite as sticky as I would like it to be, but that is the only drawback I can think of. In my opinion, these are one of the best rock climbing shoes.

review of Evolv Rave

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For Size Conversion please Visit the Climbing Shoe Size Conversion page

Intended Use

Low-profile, slip-on design helps ensure nothing gets in the way when you’re crack climbing and allows easy on/off


Leather uppers provide premium comfort

Pressure points

Variable Thickness Rand (VTR) puts thinner rubber in certain areas to reduce pressure points and hot spots; thicker rubber near the toes adds durability in high-wear zones


4.2mm TRAX® SAS outsoles deliver optimum friction and durability


Best friction plus maximum durability. MIDSOLE – 1.0mm Full-Length with Arch Wings



The size options and the size chart are incompatible. I need a 45 euro. Do you mean an 11 or an 11-11.5?

A US men’s size 11 is similar to a euro size 45.

I need a size 45.5 eu. Which US size is this available in on Amazon?

That is an 11.5 basis points.

We Did Tested the Shoes and Find out some positive features which made the shoes worth try


  • Best climbing shoes for cozy climbing, and made for using everywhere
  • Comfort and accuracy are balanced by the flat, asymmetrical curve.
  • Stretchable unlined leather upper that conforms to your foot contour
  • For a secure fit, the VTR rand wraps around the heel, giving secure heel hooks.


  • Poor edging
  • Little support while climbing

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Scarpa Force V Rock Climbing Shoe


Suede Leather

250 grams


Vibram XS Grip

Sports Climbing

The new Force Vs offer a gentler, better-compressed build that finds the ideal mix with all relaxation and mounting ability, adding more unique achievement elements to a smooth, reduced aggressive sole, making them the best trad climbing shoes for different types of climbing routines, especially crack climbing and steep climbing.

According to professionals, the Scarpa Force V is comfy from the very first day, in contrast to most climbing shoes in the market. Despite putting off the footwear, they can continue for full days while waiting between hills. Numerous customers also claim that Force V’s responsiveness makes them much more in charge of each footing. Thus, this comfortable shoe is best if you want to just get up and go when it comes to climbing.

Many experts have noted how grippy the Force V’s bottom is. Smearing ought to be simple with this climbing shoe. This classic shoe’s lining effectively dries perspiration. It presents two aspects: first, it can render the shoe overweight, and second, it might result in body odor.

People contend that this is excellent for amateurs. The key offenders in this sense are its sharp decline design and -proper rigidity. This climbing shoe’s exceptional endurance is a joy. The Force V’s rubber is more robust and more durable, unlike many, while not being recycled.

These shoes were a terrific investment because I used them for bouldering for around three months (climbing two to three days per week). They are quite cosy and have good flexibility and grip. The only drawback I can identify with the shoe is that it is broader than I want; still, if you have bigger feet, these would fit you perfectly. I normally wear an 11 in street shoes, so I got these in a size 12.5″ and they fit well. I would only get one size larger than your typical shoe size if you prefer your shoes particularly snug. These are among the best beginner climbing shoes, but can also benefit many trad climbers.

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Scarpa Force V

The area surrounding the ankle and the ball of the foot is extremely pleasant. Although the big toe is supposed to be the standard support, it is actually quite tight there (squeeze and squish effect). Do not expect to wear them for extended periods of time as they are obviously not shoes for walking. These types of shoes should be slightly unpleasant around the toe, according to the gurus at my gym. To become used to the shoe, some trial and error is required. Since I am an American size 15, I chose the biggest size available in Europe. I’m not sure if this is the right shoe for novices, although it is somewhat comfy as one could anticipate.

Hello climbing community I typically wear sizes 8 to 9.5 for most climbing shoes. I purchased a 9.5 (9 1/2) UK size because the Scarpa size chart indicates that it runs true to size. I tried the shoes on after receiving them and discovered that they were.5 (1/2) UK sizes too small. I advise you to buy 2 sizes larger than your typical shoe size.
All in all, fantastic TDR resistance and very aggressive professional climbing shoes, exceptionally well performing when compared with classic shoe pairs seen in climbing!!!

Scarpa Climbing Shoe Size Chart 1

For Size Conversion please Visit the Climbing Shoe Size Conversion page

All-Day Comfort

The Force V is the ideal climbing shoe for novice climbers who don’t want to forego comfort for performance because of its flat profile and passive last.

Relaxed Heel Construction

The loosened heel shape relieves pressure on your Achilles tendon and allows you to climb continuously throughout the day without taking off your shoes.

Vibram XS Edge Rubber

The firm, consistent, and long-lasting XS Edge rubber provides excellent support and is perfect for climbers learning the subtleties of foot placement.

Flexan Dynamic Midsole

The revised Flexan midsole provides enough of support and lessens foot stress on multi-pitch courses, counterbalancing the softer upper.

V-Tension Rand

You get the impression of a more aggressive shoe without the pressure on your big toes thanks to the active rand design that runs underneath the sole and supports your arch and forefoot.


Slightly Asymmetric

The size options and the size chart are incompatible. I need a 45 euro. Do you mean an 11 or an 11-11.5?

A US men’s size 11 is similar to a euro size 45.

I need a size 45.5 eu. Which US size is this available in on Amazon?

That is an 11.5 basis points.

The meaning of 9-9.5 Which EU size is larger, 42 or 42.5?

The shoe is 42 and may expand to 42.5 if necessary, as shown by the “9-9.5”

Sizes 8 to 8.5 are added to my basket when I place an order for size 10. Is this a mistake or is it normal?

Welcome, Bryce That most certainly isn’t typical. There are two possibilities for this. One possibility is that it is really a glitch, in which case you might try turning your device off and back on to see if it occurs again. Or two, the size could be out of stock but Amazon didn’t mark it as such, so you would automatically receive the other sizes. It is highly advised that you get in touch with their customer support. Hopefully, this was useful.

We Did Tested the Shoes and Find out some positive features which made the shoes worth trying.


  • daylong peace
  • strong sensitivity
  • remarkable sturdiness


  • They become very loose.

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Last Thoughts

The best neutral climbing shoes are an excellent middle ground, but they aren’t nearly as comfy as approaching footwear. You can use them to perform strenuous vertical routes, minor eaves, slabs, and cracks. They are a staple in every hiker’s outfit and are significantly less expensive than the best aggressive shoes. We wish you luck in finding the ideal pair.

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