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Scarpa Chimera Lace-up

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Evolv The General

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Climb X Crush Lace

Climb X Crush Lace Rock Climbing Shoes

Lace-up climbing shoes are the standard method of wearing footwear when climbing. In this type of climbing, having a shoe that you can relax and modify is unquestionably advantageous.

The best lace climbing shoes are always a part of our shoe selection, even though velcro and slipper climbing shoes have grown in popularity over the past ten years.

In the 1950s, a French climber named Pierre Alain created the first authentic set of climbing shoes. Pierre collaborated with a shoemaker to create a more appropriate shoe for climbing after growing irritated with the minimizing potential of sneakers and leather boots. 

However, one thing remains the same. Since the first climbing shoes were created, laces have been the preferred way of closure for many shoe brands. Before velcro climbing shoes took over the market in the 1980s, the very first contemporary climbing shoes had laces.

Advantages Of Laced Climbing Shoes

Why even discuss laces when climbing shoes with straps are practical and perform well? 

Well, Lace-up shoes may appear out-of-date, but they do have some advantages. One of their best-selling factors is that lace climbing shoes are typically designed to be as relaxed as possible. It holds for both the components they employ and their design layout.

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Additionally, lace provides you the assurance that your shoe won’t fall free 100 feet off the surface. If you want to point your finger at crack climbing, buying a set of lace-up climbing shoes is highly advisable.

The ability to swap out worn-out shoelaces is another fantastic benefit. It significantly increases the durability of boulder shoes with laces. On the other side, a velcro strap is typically difficult, if not difficult, to repair.

The Best Lace Climbing Shoes

We looked into some climbing shoes with laces and what customers had to think about them in order to compile the selection of the Best Lace Climbing Shoes. We gathered top lace climbing shoes for you, focusing on their insights.

Scarpa Chimera Lace-up Climbing Shoe



210 grams


Unlined Leather


The best lace up bouldering shoe, the Scarpa Chimera is at home on difficult boulder issues and overhung slopes. The incredibly adhesive SRT toe box, which is ideal for toe snagging and serves as a tension system to assist push force to the front of the shoe, is one of the many highly coveted attributes shared by this amazing design and the Drago.

This lace-up climbing shoe combines all the best attributes into a model ideal for climbers with small feet who want to take on difficult boulder problems and sports routes.


  • Extremely perceptive and exact.
  • Excellent and reliable fit.


  • Poor for climbing in cracks.

Evolv The General Laced Climbing Shoes



311 grams

Tan/ Army Green

TRAX Rubber

Best For All Day Climbing

The best quick lace hiking shoes are what the Evolv General Climbing shoes want to be. You should be ready to meet all climbing methods on a wide variety of various elements on the wall while tackling a huge wall climb, or maybe just a lengthy classic route. Long lengths of time on the wall are made relaxing and safe by the sturdy, rubberized construction.

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You ought to be able to navigate through more challenging boulder issues or difficult cruxes with the support of the modest downturn. The shoe is a fantastic all-arounder, but it might not be ideal for climbers who specialize in a specific kind of route or who want to practice rigorously on gym difficulties.


  • The lace-up style is comfortable and supportive.
  • Excellent for even footing at a route’s most difficult section.


  • Rubber might be too thick for some users.

Climb X Crush Lace Rock Climbing Shoes

Climb X


250 grams




The Climb X Crush is a fantastic pair of intermediate-to-advanced climbing shoes for individuals that favor laces. One of the finest qualities in most Climb X shoes, the pair has a sloped climbing sole constructed of X-factor rubber. 

This rubber’s adhesive and toughness are noticeable, notably given the cost. The laced closing method is remarkably strong and reliable regarding the bottom. The hooks provide a narrow gap and a lot of stress. This set of Climb X Shoes was among my top picks out of all the ones I’ve evaluated.


  • Rubber pitch from X-Factor.
  • Double pull hooks are constructed externally.
  • Mesh tongue with breath.
  • Foot cuff with padding.


  • Uncomfortable for wider feet.

Final Words

We have listed some of the best lace climbing shoes and have given the advantages of using them. We conclude our discussion at this point that the laces, which are utilized for shoes made for difficult and steep climbing techniques, offer additional flexibility when adjusting your shoes’ size and frequently provide a little more control.

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Designed to endure significantly more damage, climbing shoe laces are constructed to be far more robust than regular footwear laces. The high levels of resistance from the stones cause the laces in foot jam shoes to finally wear out.Β 

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