Climbing Shoe size chart38 EU38.5 EU39 EU39.5 EU40 EU40.5 EU41 EU41.5 EU42 EU42.5 EU43 EU43.5 EU44 EU44.5 EU45 EU45.5 EU46 EU46.5 EU47 EU47.5 EU48 EU48.5 EU49 EU49.5 EU
U.S. Men’s66.56.5+77.588.58.5+99.51010.510.5+1111.51212.512.5+1313.51414.51515.5
U.S. Women’s77.57.5+88.599.59.5+1010.51111.511.5+1212.51313.513.5+1414.51515.51616.5

If you have been online shopping for a while now and have looked at the shoes available online, you know the struggle to find the best shoe size for your specific needs. You are not alone in this. Almost all the shoe size conversion charts, including the climbing shoes size charts, fall into this category.

Many users are seen wondering what the best shoe sizes are for them and are often confused by the online climbing shoe size guides. Some of these guides do not consider the different sizes applied in other regions, including the USA, UK, Canada, and Europe. At the same time, some of these do not consider the buyer’s specific gender or age group. 

Many users are unaware of the best size for them according to the specific region they are shopping from. We are aware of this problem of the users and have made the best tool for the purpose. The users have to put in their size known by them in their home town, and the converter will tell them the size according to the region they are buying the shoes from. 

Please keep in mind that this converter and the size chart can only give rough estimates as to the size of the shoes. The foot is a three-dimensional structure, and the charts and guides only provide a 2D idea of the size. We can not guarantee that the size given in this chart will fit you perfectly. We are only showing you an idea of the size. 

This converter gives the size based on your foot inches or the size of the shoe you already wear. It takes into consideration that the person is standing, has his socks on, and their feet are completely relaxed. Please ensure you do the same when trying new shoes, as this will give you the perfect fit.

How To Measure Your Foot Size

In order to truly get the true benefit out of this guide and the size charts, and to get the best fit possible for your climbing shoes, we recommend measuring your foot size first by yourself in centimeters or inches. This will not only give you an idea of the proper size for your shoe in the comfort of your home but will also help you use the sizing charts correctly and find out the best measurements possible for your shoes. 

measurement of foot size

In order to do this, you will need to follow some basic steps. You are going to need some apparatus including a ruler, a couple of papers, and a pen or pencil to write down the measurements. Steps

Prepare Yourself 

The first step in measuring your foot by yourself, is putting the papers on a hard surface like the floor of your house and standing on them. You can be barefoot for this step or can also wear the socks you are going to wear with your shoes. Stand with your feet as close to each other as possible and do not put your weight on one of the feet. 

Outline Your Feet

While keeping your knees and legs as straight as possible and your weight distributed as equally as possible, bend down and outline your feet using the writing equipment. 

In order to do this, you must keep the pen or the pencil completely erect and in line with the outlines of your feet. The pencils must not be bent at any point of the foot as this may distort the outline and make the measurements faulty. 

You can also ask a friend to do this for you since standing straight and making the outlines can be difficult. You will also need to trace both feet since the size and the measurements of each foot can vary.

Measure The Outline Using The Ruler

Once you have made the outline using the pencil, place the ruler on the outline and measure the length using the inches or the centimeters. You will have to measure the length between the two most prominent points of the foot, such as the front of the big toe and the back of the heel.  The length you get in either inches or centimeters is the length of your foot. 

foot ruler 1

There are several precautions to keep in mind while measuring the foot outline using the ruler. First of all, the ruler should be completely straight and the ends should be crossing the two prominent points of the foot we pointed out earlier. The ruler should not be going sideways on the outline as this may shorten the original length and may distort the measurement.

You also need to use the measurements of the longer foot when comparing sizes as some shortcomings due to the measurements of the short foot can be easily compensated. 

Once you are done with all these steps, put the measurement of the longer foot in centimeters or inches into our size chart, choose a specific brand, and you will get the perfect shoe size for your feet.

Differences between US sizes and UK sizes

UK sizes are very close to the US sizes in their measurements. There is a difference of only about 0.5 in men’s sizes and about 2 in women’s sizes in favour of the US sizes. Hence, if a men’s shoe size is 7 in the US, it will be a 7.5 in the UK, and if a woman’s shoe is about 9 in the US, it will be the size 7 in the UK. 

However, this is only a general estimation. Each company has guidelines and sets of rules when making different size shoes. Thus such shoe size conversion may not be applicable in all cases.

How To convert US sizes into Euro Sizes

This conversion should be pretty easy as the Europeans don’t discriminate against the shoe sizes in terms of men, women, or children. Their shoes are unisex, and the differences are only seen in their color or design. European sizes can range from 50, equal to about 12 ⅔ inches.

Now to convert the US men’s shoe sizes to Euro, you just have to add 33 to your existing US shoe size. So if your size in the US is 9, your size in Euro terms will be 42. 

Add 31 to the US size for women’s sizes to get the Euro size. For example, a size women’s size 7 in the US will be the size 38 in Euro.

Conversion of US men’s shoe sizes to women’s.

In general, the men’s shoe sizes in the US are about 2 sizes bigger than the women’s. Thus a men’s size 9 will be the size 7 in women’s shoes. To convert the women’s sizes into men’s, go the other way around. Add 2 to the women’s size to get the men’s size.


Can men wear the same size women’s shoes?

Women’s shoes are narrower than men’s. Men can wear women’s shoes with little feet, but they can be uncomfortable in most cases. Men who have highly narrow feet can go for the same women’s size shoes.

Do la Sportiva climbing shoes run small?

In the case of climbing shoes, you have to consider the stretch factor. Thus if La Sportiva recommends choosing climbing shoes one or two sizes smaller than the usual street shoes, you should follow their advice and go for the smaller options.

Follow our size charts and the size converter to find the best shoe size. We have made these charts after complete and thorough research, and they are some of the most accurate ones; if you need further assistance, head on to the official La Sportiva site to get your size. 

How to size La Sportiva climbing shoes?

La Sportiva recommends going for smaller sizes than normal when choosing climbing shoes. They suggest going for a shoe 2-3 EU sizes smaller. You can find the perfect one for you using our size charts.

Why can’t I find the perfect size that fits my feet?

Choosing the best-fitting shoes requires a lot of trial and error. You must wear the most accurate ones to find comfort in them. This is no easy task. So don’t be disheartened if you struggle to choose the best size for your feet. 

Try one or two sizes smaller and larger than the ones you are used to and see if that makes a difference. Still, if you can’t decide on a size, go to a shoemaker to create a custom pair that will fit you right away.


Shoe Size Conversion may be tricky, But you can find it easy while you can measure and check the Shoe guidelines before you buy that, As there is a saying, “If you wanted to run long, Find a right measurement of Shoe”

Key Notes

  • Measure the Right size with drawing your shoe on paper.
  • Use the Conversion table to Convert the shoe size in right
  • Read the Shoe Instruction before you buy it measurement