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We are a Team from different parts of the world, the team decided to meet up at a local event of the “International Federation of Sport Climbing,” but they also decided to start a blog to share their knowledge with their fans and explain how and which products work best for climbing.

Climbers from all over the world collaborate to create the ideal route. as they meet up and exchange stories, feelings, and experiences about climbing in various environments.

the Team

Meet Everyone

Kyra Sean
Climber & Blogger
Leah Leonard
Poppy Asher
Writer & reviewer

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rock climbing las vegas

rock climbing Las Vegas

7 Indoor Rock Climbing Las Vegas To Climb In 2024! Introduction Overview of Rock Climbing in Las Vegas While more renowned for casinos and nightlife, Las Vegas offers outstanding indoor rock climbing options spanning from large-scale gyms to bouldering-focused spaces. Seasoned climbers and newbies alike have plenty of facilities to choose from. Indoor Gyms Cater…
chalk bags their usage

Chalk Bags & Their Usage

Chalk Bags & Their Usage Introduction Overview of Chalk Bags Chalk bags serve the vital purpose of carrying, containing, and allowing convenient application of climbing chalk – an absorbent magnesium carbonate powder keeping hands dry for grip. Importance for Grip and Safety This grip allows climbers to hold onto rocks, with safety implications. So most…
crux climbing

crux climbing

What Is a Crux Climbing? Definition of a Climbing Crux In rock climbing, the term “crux” refers to the most physically demanding and difficult section or sequence of moves along a route or bouldering problem. It marks the pivotal point requiring a climber’s maximum effort and attention to conquer. Hardest Part of Route or Problem…

Climbing Aconcagua

Climbing Aconcagua: The Ultimate Guide (2024) So you’re interested in climbing the tallest mountain in the Americas? Congratulations! A summit attempt on Mount Aconcagua (22,838 feet), is no small goal, and you should be proud of yourself for working towards it. If you succeed, it’s an accomplishment you can carry with you throughout your life….
what is a buff

What is a Buff?

What is a Buff? In the world of outdoor adventure and exploration, the term “Buff” frequently appears on gear lists and is often recommended by seasoned adventurers. But what exactly is a Buff and why is it considered an essential piece of equipment? In this article, we will delve into the world of Buff and…
Best Mountaineering Sunglasses 1

Best Mountaineering Sunglasses

The 6 Best Mountaineering Sunglasses Mountaineering can be an exhilarating adventure, but it also exposes you to harsh sunlight and reflective snow, which can be detrimental to your eyes. To ensure a safe and enjoyable ascent into high-altitude environments, you need specialized sunglasses designed for mountaineering. In this article, we’ll explore the top mountaineering sunglasses…

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