ashima x brain dead zenist shoe review

Evolv Unveils Ashima X Brain Dead Zenist Shoe: A Climbing Collaboration for a Cause

In the world of climbing, innovation and collaboration are essential for pushing the boundaries of performance and making the sport more accessible. Evolv, a prominent southern California-based leader in high-performance climbing shoes, has taken a significant step in this direction with the introduction of the Ashima X Brain Dead Zenist shoe. This extraordinary collaboration brings together world-renowned climber Ashima Shiraishi and the celebrated Los Angeles creative firm Brain Dead, and it’s not just about climbing; it’s about making a positive impact. In this article, we will explore the fascinating story behind the Zenist shoe, its unique features, and the admirable cause it supports.

The Zenist’s Journey Begins

The Zenist shoe was officially unveiled with a pre-sale launch date set for June 26th, available exclusively on What makes this release even more special is that one hundred percent of the profits from the pre-sale will be donated to five different organizations dedicated to increasing access to climbing in underrepresented communities. This initiative is a testament to the commitment of Evolv, Ashima Shiraishi, and Brain Dead to making a difference in the climbing world.

A Climbing Shoe Like No Other

The Zenist is not your typical climbing shoe. It’s a unique creation designed for competition climbers who demand the utmost precision and sensitivity from their footwear. The Vegan synthetic upper, paired with a robust last, ensures that an athlete’s foot is always in a position of power. The rubber sole strikes the perfect balance between rigidity and sensitivity, making it ideal for highball bouldering problems and gym redpoint projects.

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The Collaborative Force

The brainchild of Ashima Shiraishi and Kyle Ng, a Los Angeles-based climber, photographer, and co-founder of Brain Dead, the Zenist shoe embodies the spirit of collaboration. Shiraishi’s role in the design and development of the shoe was pivotal. Being an Evolv athlete and one of the world’s top young climbing talents, she brought her expertise to the table, ensuring that the Zenist performs at its best.

“As an athlete, I wanted to share my experience and make sure the product performs well,” said Shiraishi. “It has to be a good, quality shoe, so I tested out the shoes and suggested little tweaks here and there if I wanted something to improve.”

But the collaboration wasn’t limited to performance alone. The shoe’s colors and design were carefully crafted by Brian Chung, Kyle Ng, and Ashima Shiraishi. Their collective effort resulted in a shoe that not only excels in climbing but also stands out with its aesthetics.

Climbing for a Cause

Evolv’s commitment to giving back to the climbing community is commendable. The company has pledged to donate all profits from the Zenist pre-sale to five organizations actively working to diversify the sport of climbing:

  1. Young Women Who Crush (YWCC)
  2. Adaptive Climbing Group
  3. DEI Film Festival
  4. Brown Girls Climbing
  5. Long Beach Rising

Brian Chung, the founder of Evolv, emphasizes the importance of inclusivity in climbing: “Inclusivity to us means opening up climbing opportunities to everyone with different backgrounds, races, abilities/disabilities, and socio-economic situations by making the sport more accessible and also helping those who need more support. We believe that it’s important for us to try to make a meaningful difference in our own climbing community first to effect positive change.”

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The Ashima X Brain Dead Zenist shoe is more than just a climbing product; it’s a symbol of collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity. Designed for competition climbers who seek the highest level of performance, it also serves a greater purpose by supporting initiatives to make climbing accessible to all. By wearing the Zenist, climbers not only enhance their performance but also contribute to a more diverse and inclusive climbing community.


1. Where can I purchase the Zenist shoe? You can buy the Zenist shoe during the pre-sale on

2. When will the Zenist shoe be available for purchase? The pre-sale for the Zenist starts on June 26th, and orders will be shipped to customers in the fall.

3. Who are the collaborators behind the Zenist shoe? The Zenist shoe is a collaboration between Evolv, Ashima Shiraishi, and Brain Dead.

4. What makes the Zenist shoe unique? The Zenist is designed for competition climbers, offering exceptional precision and sensitivity, thanks to its Vegan synthetic upper and carefully engineered rubber sole.

5. Where do the profits from the Zenist pre-sale go? One hundred percent of the profits from the Zenist pre-sale will be donated to organizations dedicated to increasing climbing accessibility in underrepresented communities.

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