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Tenaya Tarifa

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MILLET Unisex Rock Up

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Best Shoes For Lead Climbing

You probably share our fondness for lead climbing shoes. Climbers now have more options for shapes and high-quality materials, which is terrific news. We’ve analyzed for you with our best ones of 2022, whether you’re searching for the best climbing shoes for lead climbing, your climb-up leading issues, a perfect stepping design for difficult rock leads, or a comfy kick with all rock peaks.

In this post, we’ll infer that anyone searching for a “climbing shoe” is seeking a quality shoe designed for lead climbing.

What Is Lead Climbing?

Rock climbing is the primary discipline in which lead climbing is practiced. One climber must assume the primary position in a harnessed team, and the remaining climbers must pursue it. The climbers under the head climber are attached by a thick rope tied to the equipment the lead climber is wearing. The lead climber occasionally attaches the rope to protective clothing while reaching the peak to ensure safety in the case of a drop.

The lead climber’s safety equipment might be either fixed fasteners to which they can attach quickdraws or detachable safety like nuts and bolts. A belayer is a climber who is placed beneath the leading climber. As the head climber proceeds, the belayer releases the rope; when the head climber slips or relaxes, the rope is also stopped.

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One of the riskiest types of rock climbing is lead climbing, which needs a qualified belayer to be done safely. Lead climbing is perhaps the scariest sport most climbers will do due to the extended slip height and all of the hazards involved.

Besides its risks, you can lead climb individually, nevertheless, without a doubt. Leading alone is lead climbing using a locking mechanism, similar to roping. In essence, you perform the duties of the mountaineer and the belayer.

The Best Lead Climbing Shoes

Butora Endeavor

Butora Endever



150 grams


Artificial Leather

Lead / Outdoor climbing

This shoe sole is ideal for you if you require effectiveness and ease in a shoe, despite the surface.

Strength and accuracy are delivered where you need them with the Butora Endeavour. The sole’s revolutionary triple fork webbing method lets for individual sizing. The shoe uses the revolutionary Butora Neo Fold rubber technology to give some of the best performances. 

The shoe also has strip leather footbeds which give the climbers the comfort they are looking for without compromising the quality. The Endeavour will live up to and surpass your positive ambitions as a great all-around climbing shoe sole with its distinctive features and incredibly sturdy construction.


  • Triple fork webbing in the sole
  • Neo Fold rubber technology
  • Strip leather footbeds


  • The heel can be uncomfortable sometimes.

Tenaya Tarifa 



340 grams

Yellow / black 

Artificial Leather

Lead Climbing

The TARIFA includes several technological developments relevant to the OASI because it was designed concurrently with that system. The main distinction is that the TARIFA is still sufficiently flexible shoe sole for minimal smearing while significantly more rigid. For climbs demanding challenging foot positions and cliffs, these soles are ideal.

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The forefoot in the Tarifa is also a little more rigid, giving the shoes better eding performance. Despite this rigidness in the front, the shoe has a vert flexible midsole, which gives the climbed the sensitivity and comfort they are looking for. The closure system in the shoe uses laces, which give the shoe better fit as compared to velcro straps.


  • Perforated upper system for better airflow 
  • Flexible
  • Rigid forefoot for better edging
  • Sensitive midsole for comfort 


  • Rigid forefoot can compromise sensitivity and comfort

MILLET Unisex Rock Up

Climb X


470 grams


Artificial Leather

Lead Climbing

We advise people new to climbing or who want a more snug fit. Rock Up has decided to assist in making this powerful technology accessible to all climbers as the creators of knit material in climbing shoe soles. 

The new MILLET Unisex Rock Up Icon provides optimal comfort and aeration without compromising strength. It also has a softness that enhances comfort and helps the shoe’s inherent downward slope guarantee a perfect fit. Take comfort to an entirely new extreme without compromising MILLET Unisex Rock Up legendary performance.


  • Optimal aeration
  • Snug fit and downturn design
  • Knit material design


  • Variable size options can cause difficulty in size choice

Concluding Point

We closely researched dozens of models to compile these details on the lead climbing shoes with top shoe soles. Several months of trial and effort went into our analysis.

The best shoe for the activity will depend significantly on where you are positioned, as is typically the case with climbing. You should think about your shoe sole if you’re looking for the best climbing shoes for lead climbing.

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Climbers have had trouble deciding which climbing shoes had the stickiest sole since the shoes first came out. Unfortunately, analyzing the various soles applied in climbing shoes and determining a precise solution to this issue is very difficult.

Ideally, this post has shown you how to select the best climbing shoe for your requirements based on the sole it contains.


Is lead climbing a frightening activity?

Yes, falling is undoubtedly frightening, and even experienced climbers experience anxiety when they are perched higher than bolting and could potentially fall.

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