the arcteryx konseal review

The Arc’teryx Konseal: Your Ultimate Rock Climbing Companion

Rock climbing enthusiasts, get ready to embark on your next adventure with a game-changing companion – the Arc’teryx Konseal. In this article, we will delve into the unique features, pros, and cons of this remarkable harness that has taken the climbing world by storm. Join us as we explore how the Konseal redefines comfort and functionality in the world of rock climbing gear.

A Unique Design for Maximum Support and Mobility

The Arc’teryx Konseal stands out with its innovative butterfly-shaped design. This design not only provides exceptional support but also allows for unrestricted mobility, all while maintaining a relatively lightweight profile. Let’s take a closer look at what sets this harness apart:

Generously Sized Gear Loops

One of the standout features of the Konseal is its large gear loops. These generously sized loops provide ample space for your climbing equipment, ensuring you have easy access to your gear whenever you need it.

Adjustable Leg Loops for Versatility

The Konseal doesn’t compromise on versatility. With adjustable leg loops, it accommodates climbers of various sizes and layering preferences, making it suitable for all-day climbing adventures.

Durability Meets Comfort

The Konseal’s durability is evident after rigorous testing. It has proven to withstand the demands of challenging climbs, from offwidths to alpine-rock routes. You can trust that this harness will go the distance.

Unconventional, but Incredibly Practical

At first glance, the Konseal might appear unconventional and slightly bulky. However, looks can be deceiving, as it quickly becomes apparent that this harness is built for performance and comfort.

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Comfort Beyond Compare

The Konseal is, without a doubt, the most comfortable high-end harness you will ever own. Despite its unique design, it delivers unparalleled comfort for all types of climbing activities. Whether you’re tackling sport climbs, trad projects, or alpine-rock climbs, the Konseal has your back—literally.

The Innovation Behind the Comfort

Arc’teryx has truly pushed the boundaries of harness design with the Konseal. By removing excess material around the harness’s hinge-point, they’ve achieved remarkable mobility during climbs. Additionally, the switch to a mesh lining in place of back padding enhances airflow on hot climbing days. However, the real game-changer is the butterfly hips. Arc’teryx redistributed padding from the spine to the sides, where climbers need it most. This simple adjustment results in an incredibly comfortable harness that supports you through every climb.

Gear Loops That Surpass Expectations

While some climbers prefer gear loops with stiff attachment points, the Konseal’s flaccid loops offer a surprising advantage. They mimic the rigidity of stiffer loops when fully loaded, making re-clipping carabiners a breeze. This unexpected perk adds to the overall ease of use and comfort of the Konseal.

Built to Last

After four months of rigorous testing, the Konseal has proven its durability. It has faced the challenges of offwidths, chimneys, slabs, and corners with ease, emerging scuff-free. This harness is built to withstand the demands of the most adventurous climbers.

Room for Improvement

While the Konseal is a remarkable harness, it’s not without its minor flaws. For alpine climbers, the absence of ice-clipper slots can be a drawback, necessitating improvisation. Additionally, the rear haul loop, while functional, could benefit from a slightly wider design to accommodate additional gear.

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In the world of rock climbing harnesses, the Arc’teryx Konseal is a game-changer. Its innovative design, unbeatable comfort, and surprising lightness make it a top choice for climbers seeking the best in performance and support. With the Konseal, you can climb pitch after pitch with the confidence that your gear has your back.


1. Is the Arc’teryx Konseal suitable for beginners?

  • Absolutely! While it offers high-end features, its comfort and adjustability make it suitable for climbers of all levels.

2. Can I use the Konseal for ice climbing?

  • The Konseal lacks ice-clipper slots, but with some creativity, you can adapt it for ice climbing.

3. How does the Konseal compare to other Arc’teryx harnesses?

  • The Konseal stands out for its unique design and exceptional comfort, making it a top choice for many climbers.

4. Is the Konseal available in different sizes?

  • Yes, it comes in various sizes, including both men’s and women’s cuts, to ensure a perfect fit.

5. Can I trust the Konseal’s durability for long-term use?

  • Absolutely. After months of rigorous testing, the Konseal has proven its durability and resilience in challenging climbing conditions.

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