Five Ten Crawe

Five Ten Crawe

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When it comes to finding the right climbing shoe, it can be a daunting task. You want something that will support your technical climbing while providing the right balance of power and comfort. Look no further than the Five Ten Crawe Climbing Shoes. Whether you’re tackling bouldering or sport routes, these shoes are designed to give you the edge you need to reach new heights. The moderate downturn and medium stiff midsole provide the perfect combination of support and flexibility for technical climbing, while the semi-aggressive foot position ensures maximum performance without sacrificing comfort. With the Five Ten Crawe Climbing Shoes, you’ll be able to push your limits and reach new heights in the climbing world. 

With a synthetic microfiber upper, these shoes provide a snug, sock-like feel for maximum comfort and support. The hook-and-loop closure ensures a secure fit, while the concave toebox allows for precise foot placement on the rock. The medium-stiff midsole provides the perfect balance of support and flexibility for technical climbing, and the Stealth® HF on heel provides unbeatable grip. The shoes come in a sleek Core Black, Cloud White, and Solar Red colorway, and are imported.




  • Comfortable
  • Concave Toebox
  • Hook-and-loop closure
  • Beautiful Design
  • Designed for Gym and Outdoor
  • Full Stealth Rubber
  • Perfect Fits

Five Ten Crawe Review

The Five Ten Crawe Climbing Shoes are a game-changer for climbers with wide feet like me (Although these shoes are available in different sizes) As someone who has struggled to find climbing shoes that fit comfortably, I am impressed with how well these shoes accommodate my feet without any cramping or discomfort. I have been using these shoes exclusively for my climbing and I’m happier with their performance.

One of the best features of these shoes is the rubber. The Stealth® HF on the heel provides unbeatable grip and allows me to trust my foot placement on the rock. It’s also great for sport and crack climbing. The rubber is durable and hasn’t shown any signs of wear and tear even after several months of use.

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The design of these shoes is also worth mentioning. The concave toebox allows for precise foot placement, which is crucial for technical climbing. The medium-stiff midsole provides the perfect balance of support and flexibility, and the hook-and-loop closure ensures a secure fit. The synthetic microfiber upper provides a snug, sock-like feel which keeps my feet comfortable even after hours of climbing.

I highly recommend the Five Ten Crawe Climbing Shoes to any climber looking for a shoe that can handle both bouldering and sport routes, and especially for those with wide feet. The design, rubber and fit are all top-notch and I can’t imagine climbing in any other shoe now.


Black/Cloud/Solar Red



Sole Material


Closure Type

Hook & Loop

The Heel

When it comes to climbing shoes, the heel is a crucial aspect to consider. The heel of the Crawe is one of the best features of the shoe, providing a level of performance that sets it apart from other shoes in the market. In many ways, the Crawe is similar to the Hiangle Pro when it comes to the heel design, but in my opinion, it is even better. The full coverage heel design strikes a perfect balance between friction, rigidity, and sensitivity.

This balance is what I look for in a performance shoe, and the Crawe delivers it in spades. The heel provides the right amount of grip to hold on to small edges and the right amount of sensitivity to feel the rock surface.

The heel also has the perfect level of rigidity to support and guide your foot, making it easier to place the foot on the right spot on the rock. The heel of the Crawe is a standout feature that sets it apart from other shoes and makes it a top-performing shoe for me.

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The Toe Box

The Five Ten Crawe climbing shoes have a unique toe box design that sets it apart from other climbing shoes. The toe box is pleasantly pointed, providing the perfect balance between precision and comfort. It’s not as pointed as hyper-aggressive shoes, which can be uncomfortable for extended periods of climbing. The stiff edges of the toe box provide added support and control while climbing, making it perfect for metatarsal bone.

The design of the toe box is awesome, it offers a perfect balance of precision, support and comfort. The toe patch on the Five Ten Crawe is also noteworthy, it is perfect for added grip and precision when smearing and edging on small holds. The toe box of the Five Ten Crawe is a standout feature that makes it a great shoe for technical climbing. It provides the perfect balance of precision, support and comfort that is needed for a good performance.


The Five Ten Crawe climbing shoes are known for their exceptional edging performance. The Crawe is a beast at edging, and it’s one of the best edging shoes I have ever tested. The shoe’s stiff forefoot design, which is created by the features mentioned in the toe section, is responsible for its incredible edging performance.

The Crawe also features a split sole design, which is a refreshing change from many stiff shoes that use a full-length sole. The split sole design allows for greater flexibility and control, allowing you to raise your heel up and crank down hard on the tip of the shoe for added precision and power.

Five Ten Crawe Vs Aleon

The Five Ten Crawe and Aleon are both climbing shoes designed by Fred Nicole, but they have some key differences. The Crawe is known for its comfort and versatility, making it a popular choice for climbers of all levels. On the other hand, the Aleon is described as having a more pointy toe, which could be beneficial for certain climbing projects.

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In terms of fit, the Crawe is generally considered to have a standard fit, while the Aleon is known to have a wider fit at the front. This may make the Crawe a better option for individuals with narrow feet. Both shoes are designed by Fred Nicole, who is well-respected in the climbing community, so they are likely to be of high quality.


  • Specially Designed for comfortable climbing
  • Good fit
  • High Edge Stability
  • Pre Tensioning
  • Microfiber
  • Hook and Loop Closure


  • Fitting issues for narrow feet detected

FAQs about Five Ten Crawe

What is the design of the Crawe shoe?

The design of the Crawe shoe has orange highlights on an all-black upper.

How does the Crawe shoe perform when climbing?

The Crawe shoe performs well when climbing, thanks to its stiff forefoot and well-balanced tension, making it easy to stand on small features without straining toes.

How does the author feel about the stiffness of the Crawe shoe when first trying it on?

The author initially felt slightly reluctant about the stiffness of the Crawe shoe, feeling that it was less sensitive than the performance shoes they usually gravitate towards.


The Crawe shoe stands out in the market due to its unique semi-stiff construction and moderate downturn. While this may be different from what many sport and bouldering shoes typically offer, it is these characteristics that make the Crawe excel in tricky footwork and technical sport climbing. The shoe’s design, stiffness, and balance make it the perfect choice for climbers looking for precision and control on small features.

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