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Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe

Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe

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Evolv Zenist Climbing Shoes

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Evolv X1

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What should a beginner check for in climbing shoes? Relax? Quality? Achievement?

Most concur that ease is the most crucial factor when beginning to hike. When it comes to covering all these factors in climbing shoes, nobody should overlook the best Evolv climbing shoes as the shoes made by this company are the ones that provide excellent satisfaction and great performance.

This American-based manufacturer has emerged as one of the top producers on the market as Evolv climbing shoes gain popularity among skilled hikers and weekend adventurers. Furthermore, the business has advanced significantly since its early days.

Evolv- History & What Is It Now

In 2003, Brian Chung, an experienced hiker passionate about realizing his aim of creating the best climbing shoes in the US, founded Evolv. Brian and his co-colleague manufactured initial shoe designs, including the Bandit and Kaos.

The brand has also assembled a strong group of athlete champions and a fantastic selection of climbing shoes. The best rock climbers in the country are among their roster of gifted players, which is constantly expanding. 

Chris Sharma, one of the most well-known figures in the climbing community, worked as a shoe developer for Evolv between 2006 and 2016 and was a pivotal contributor to creating multiple types of winner climbing shoes.

One of the most prominent organizations of expert climbers is Team Evolv. Ashima Shiraishi, Daniel Woods, Kai Lightner, Alex Johnson, Steph Davis, and Dai Koyamada are the team’s members.

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The Best Evolv Climbing Shoes

The shoe collection from Evolv is constantly changing and full of unique styles for men’s as well as women’s shoes. Some of my favorite ones are listed below.

Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe



269 grams

Blue/ Orange

TRAX Rubber

Sports Climbing

The lopsided design of the Evolv Shaman Climbing Shoe seems to be well. Additionally, it offers a fantastic way of stepping on your feet. This low-cost shoe is an attractive option if you’re looking for the most durable and cozy climbing shoe.

Additionally, it has a TRAX high friction non-slip surface that offers excellent traction when easing your way up. Another outstanding aspect is the love bump footbed of this climbing shoe, which offers extra relaxation in slightly rounded stances. The “knuckle box” of the forefoot provides space for them to relax.

Additionally, the three strapping fastening on this climbing shoe gives you a narrow gap by eliminating all void spaces. The Evolv Men’s Climbing Shoe provides an excellent combination of protection and comfort for new hikers. It is most helpful when you must utilize your toes precisely, notably on slopes with an inclination. Thus this shoe can easily be one of the best choices for outdoor beginning climbers. 


  • Cozy
  • A tight fit.
  • Exemplary achievement.
  • Excellent for rocky terrain.


  • Fluffy rubber.
  • Absence of sensitivity.

Evolv Kronos


Vegan Synthetic

263 grams



GYM Climbing

One of the best mixtures of sensitivity and performance, the Kronos combines an excellent set of features to give the climbers a good edge over other shoes, especially in the gym climbing area. 

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The technical toe profile of the shoe gives one of the best climbing performances, and the closure system in this bad boy comes with a single hook and loop system. The shoe has an asymmetric profile to give more experienced climbers the performance they need. The outsoles and the midsole are also full-length in the shoe to give the climbers comfort. 

Thus, all in all, the shoe is a perfect one for climbers who are looking for a good blend of comfort and performance. With this shoe, their indoor climbing game is sure to reach higher levels.


  • extremely tacky
  • excellent sensitivity
  • exact fitting
  • Edge expert


  • Pricey
  • The rubber on the toe patch is not overly grippy.

Evolv X1



229 grams


TRAX Rubber

Gym climbing and hiking

The X1 is the perfect shoe for the climbers who are looking for sensitivity in their climbing shoes and are ready to compromise a little in the performance department. The shoe has a downturned profile and a down-cambered last, thus a heft amount of performance is delivered, and the compromise is not all that big. This shoe can perform equally as good in the gym as in the outside hard climbing conditions.

The toe patch in this shoe comes with a molded Trax Sole technology, which gives the climbers the comfort they are looking for. For sensitivity, the X1 has an Ex-P midsole technology. The X1 is also an affordable option for climbers who don’t want to spend a lot on their climbing shoes but want some of the best sensitivity and performance.  

The strap system in this shoe uses a single strap closure. The X1 is sure to give the average climbers, as well as some experienced climbers a really good time when it comes to performance and sensitivity. 


  • Enduring satisfaction
  • Outstanding edging
  • Enhanced flexibility and reliability.
  • Attractive and appealing for a modern appearance.
  • Very fragile.
  • Slight compromise in the performance department

Last Thoughts

Evolv, which was established in 2003 and is based in California, is the top local supplier of climbing shoes in the country. Evolv gives improved shoes for all forms of climbing thanks to relationships with elite hikers. The best Evolv climbing shoes are renowned for their comfy shapes and bigger capacity sizes. 

Due to their manufactured substance, which enables the shoe to retain its form for lengthier while not causing any animal suffering during manufacture, more than half of Evolv’s shoe collection is created from strict vegetarian components.


Are Evolv climbing shoes good?

Compared to the priciest climbing shoes, this footwear provides significant cost savings. They’re a more fabulous, well-built shoe with the severe form that all today’s youngsters are into, even though we didn’t give them a Future Shop Prize. Their quality is a decent deal, even at regular value.

Due to their manufactured substance, which enables the shoe to retain its form for lengthier while not causing any animal suffering during manufacture, more than half of Evolv’s shoe collection is created from strict vegetarian components.

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