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Exploring the La Sportiva Zenit: Your Ideal Climbing Shoe for Comfort and Support

When it comes to climbing, having the right gear can make all the difference in your performance and enjoyment. One piece of gear that often gets overlooked is your climbing shoes. Whether you’re a seasoned climber or just starting out, the right pair of shoes can significantly impact your climbing experience. In this article, we’ll dive into the basics of the La Sportiva Zenit, a climbing shoe designed for comfort, support, and ease of use.

Understanding the La Sportiva Zenit

The La Sportiva Zenit is a simply designed, slightly downturned, robust rock shoe built for comfort, support, and ease of use at the gym and on moderate or multi-pitch rock. It boasts several features that set it apart in the climbing shoe market:

Breathable Knit Upper

One of the standout features of the Zenit is its breathable knit upper. This innovative design allows your feet to stay comfortable and well-ventilated during long climbing sessions or in hot gyms.

Vibram XS Grip Rubber

The Zenit is equipped with Vibram XS Grip rubber, ensuring excellent traction and durability on a variety of climbing surfaces.

Easy Closure System

The shoe features two hook-and-loop closures, making it easy to put on and adjust for a secure fit.

Stiff Midsole

The Zenit’s very stiff midsole provides ample support for your feet, making it a suitable choice for climbers seeking comfort and stability.

Pros and Cons

Before making a decision, let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of the La Sportiva Zenit:

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  • Comfortable Fit: The Zenit offers a relaxed fit that’s perfect for long climbing sessions.
  • Reasonably Priced: It provides excellent value for its price point.
  • Breathable Knit Upper: The breathable upper keeps your feet cool.
  • Easy Closure System: The hook-and-loop closures are user-friendly.
  • Durability: This shoe is built to last.


  • Lack of Sensitivity: The stiff midsole can reduce sensitivity.
  • Challenges on Overhanging Terrain: It can be challenging to toe-in on overhanging terrain due to its fairly neutral last.

Our Thoughts

The La Sportiva Zenit is a fantastic option for beginner climbers who want to transition from entry-level shoes to more performance-oriented ones. While it may not be a high-performance shoe, its combination of a stiff midsole, comfortable upper, and slightly downturned last makes it a worthwhile step up. It’s also an excellent choice if you’re looking for a supportive and comfortable pair of climbing shoes for all-day wear.

Size and Price

  • Size Reviewed: 41.5
  • Weight: 8.4 oz / 240 g
  • Price: $165
  • Brand: La Sportiva

Who Is the Zenit For?

The La Sportiva Zenit is most at home on vertical, edgy indoor terrain. Its stiffness and slight downturn make it perfect for standing on small, positive holds. However, it may not be the best choice for steep overhanging routes. Climbers who prioritize comfort over high-end performance will appreciate its symmetric design and friendly last. This shoe allows for comfortable upsizing, relying on rigidity rather than cramped toes to stand on small footholds. The Zenit is an ideal option for all-day multi-pitches and gym climbing on slabby to gently overhanging terrain.

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Materials and Durability

For those new to climbing, durability is a top concern when purchasing climbing shoes. The Zenit addresses this with a simple three-piece rubber design to minimize delamination. The 5-millimeter Vibram XS Grip half sole provides durability, but it sacrifices some sensitivity. This thickness is greater than what you’d find in high-performance shoes.

One standout feature is the knit upper, a departure from La Sportiva’s typical use of leather or microfiber. The knit is stiff in the toebox for precision and durability while being elasticized around the ankle, making it easy to take on and off and accommodating a range of foot volumes.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the La Sportiva Zenit is a valuable addition to any climber’s shoe collection. It’s an excellent choice for moderately difficult climbs and high-volume climbing days when you need support, comfort, and durability. For beginners, it represents a significant step up from flat-lasted, imprecise entry-level shoes. As you progress in the sport and strengthen your feet, the Zenit will serve as a reliable companion on your climbing journey.


  1. Can the La Sportiva Zenit be used for outdoor climbing?
    • While it’s suitable for moderate outdoor climbing, it excels in indoor settings.
  2. Is the Zenit a good choice for beginners?
    • Yes, it’s a comfortable and supportive option for those new to climbing.
  3. How does the Zenit compare to high-performance climbing shoes?
    • It’s not a high performer but offers a good balance of comfort and support.
  4. What sizes are available for the Zenit?
    • The Zenit comes in various sizes to accommodate different foot shapes.
  5. Is the Zenit suitable for bouldering?
    • It may not be the best choice for steep bouldering due to its stiffness and last.

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