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In 1992, NIAD designed a line of shoes the Five Ten Niad that would change the climbing game forever. These shoes were specifically engineered to tackle long climbs with ease and comfort. Since their inception, they have proven to be a reliable and durable choice for climbers of all skill levels. Over the years, the Five Ten Niad shoes have undergone several updates and improvements, making them even more effective and user-friendly.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, these shoes will provide the support and performance you need to conquer even the toughest routes. With a history of success spanning decades, the Five Ten Niad shoes are a must-have for any serious climber. They are not only a perfect fit for climbing but also for other outdoor activities like hiking, trekking, and more.

It’s a versatile shoe that will not only help you climb better but also provide you with the best fit and comfort. With many pleasant and helpful changes over the years, it’s no wonder the Five Ten Niad shoes are a favourite among climbers everywhere.

five Ten Niad Shoes



  • Flat & attractive design
  • Stealth toe rubber coverage
  • Custom fit
  • Stability and support
  • Available in multiple different colors
  • Rubber sole
  • Hook-and-loop closure
  • Imported
  • Medium-stiff midsole

Five Ten Crawe Review

As an avid climber, I have had the pleasure of using the Five Ten Niad shoes for several several years now, and I can confidently say that they are one of the best climbing shoes out there. The moment I put them on for the first time, I knew that these shoes were designed with climbers in mind. The comfort and support they provide areare unparalleled, even after hours of climbing. I have used them for various climbing types and found them perfect for each one of them. The sticky rubber outsole provides an excellent grip and traction on the rocks and the cushioning in the midsole makes them perfect for long climbs.

five ten niad is a fantastic set of shoes for aggressive climbing. They provide a ton of grip, which makes them perfect for bouldering and overhanging sport routes. They’re very snug and secure, and the strap is almost unnecessary. My main concern is with the opening for the foot, it is a bit tight, and the shoe sits just under the ankle bone. This can cause some discomfort if I move my foot in certain ways. But this issue can be resolved with the use of spacers and breaking in the shoes. The toe box is snug, but it’s not painful if you get the right size. I had to go through 3 different sizes to find the perfect fit. I started with my true size but couldn’t get my foot into the shoe at all. I sized up a half size, but my toes were hurting halfway through my first boulder problem. I went a full size up, and now it takes a bit of effort to get them on, but they feel great! I can wear them for an entire climbing session without any pain. And once they stretch out another half size (as the manufacturer claims they will), they’ll be perfect. Once I got the size right, the toes were fine, but the heel was very stiff and a bit painful. I solved this problem by cutting out little pieces of a plastic shopping bag (about 6 inches in diameter) and putting them in the heels while climbing. I’ve heard that the hiangle heel never really gets to a place of complete comfort, but I’ll trade a little comfort for the super secure heel hooks that these shoes offer.

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Five Ten NIAD VCS Review

I recently had the opportunity to try out the Five Ten NIAD VCS shoes and I have to say, I was thoroughly impressed. The flat last design of these shoes offers a powerful edging ability and a sensitivity for smears that is unparalleled in the world of climbing footwear. The Stealth rubber coverage over the toe and soft Microfiber upper make the NIAD VCS incredibly comfortable and durable, even after hours of climbing. I was able to climb for an entire day without experiencing any discomfort or fatigue, which is a testament to the quality of these shoes.

As someone who has tried many different climbing shoes over the years, I can honestly say that the Five Ten NIAD VCS stands out from the pack. The level of comfort and performance these shoes offer is unparalleled, making them the perfect choice for anyone who is looking to take their climbing to the next level. I highly recommend these shoes to anyone who is looking for a high-quality, performance-driven climbing shoe.

The level of comfort and performance that these shoes offer is truly unmatched, and I can’t wait to get back out on the rock and put them to the test. Five Ten has been at the forefront of the climbing community for over three decades, and the NIAD VCS shoes continue this legacy of excellence. If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that will take your climbing adventure to the next level, then look no further than the Five Ten NIAD VCS.




4 to 10.5



Made in


Toa Box

The Five Ten Niad Lace shoes have several design features that make them stand out from other climbing shoes on the market.

Heel cup

One of the most notable is the superior heel cup, which provides a secure fit and allows for greater precision and power transfer to the toe box. This makes heel hooking significantly more secure and allows for a more precise footing.

Toe Patch

With the feature of a toe patch, shoes are specifically designed to tackle the nuances of modern sports routes. This feature provides an extra level of grip and support, which is especially useful for climbers who are looking to push their limits on more challenging routes.

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The handmade build quality of the Five Ten Niad Lace shoes is also worth mentioning. The shoes are fairly narrow, with a blunt toe box, which puts the tip of the shoe somewhere between your big toe and second toe. This design gives the shoes a snug fit, which is ideal for climbers who are looking for a shoe that will stay securely on their feet.

The Five Ten Niad Lace shoes are almost entirely made of Lyliane Microfiber, except for a suede insole in the toe box. This material provides a durable, yet lightweight shoe that is perfect for climbing. The suede insole in the toe box provides added grip and support, which is especially useful when climbing on more challenging routes. Overall, the Five Ten Niad Lace shoes are a great choice for climbers who are looking for a shoe that will provide a secure fit and improved performance on modern sports routes.


The Five Ten NIAD Lace shoes boast a precision-engineered heel design that delivers unmatched support and stability. The heel is narrow, ensuring a secure and snug fit, while the forefoot is wide and thin vertically, allowing for maximum flexibility and movement. The heel fit has been significantly improved, with no gaps or inconsistencies, allowing for optimal performance in any activity. This is the perfect shoe for those who demand the best heel support and design.

After my initial testing, it was clear that the NIAD Lace shoe stands out from the rest. The heel cup design is exceptional, providing not only extra security for heel hooking but also allowing for enhanced accuracy and power transfer to the toe box. I was also impressed by the new padded tongue, made of a breathable mesh material, which not only adds to the comfort but also helps keep the shoe well-ventilated. A toe patch has been incorporated to help the shoe cope with the demands of modern sports routes. Furthermore, the handmade construction of the Five Ten shoes was a standout feature, truly showcasing the attention to detail and quality.

Fit and Comfort

The Five Ten NIAD Lace shoes are renowned for their exceptional fit and comfort. These shoes are a favorite among climbers, as they provide a comfortable and snug fit that does not compromise performance. Whether you’re scaling a mountain or traversing rugged terrain, these shoes will keep your feet cushioned and supported, without causing fatigue or discomfort even after long hours of wear.

Adventurers everywhere love the Five Ten NIAD Lace shoes for their durable construction and superior fit. These shoes are built to last and will accompany you on all your adventures, no matter how challenging or demanding. With a design that prioritizes comfort and support, these shoes will give you a new sense of freedom and confidence on your next adventure.

Comparison with other shoes

Let’s see how they perform compared to other shows of this type.

Five Ten vs La Sportiva

The Five Ten Niad and the La Sportiva Solution Comp are both high-performance climbing shoes that are popular among climbers. The main difference between the two is the price, as the Five Ten Niad is generally considered to be more affordable than the La Sportiva Solution Comp. Some climbers have reported that the La Sportiva Solution Comp has a taller toe box and a narrower fit than the Five Ten Niad.

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Five Ten NIAD vs Scarpa Drago

The main difference between the two is the price, as the Scarpa Drago is generally considered to be more expensive than the Five Ten Niad. Additionally, some climbers have reported that the Scarpa Drago is too soft for super technical edging, while the Five Ten Niad is more precise and offers more support. The Five Ten Niad is designed for steep, overhanging routes while the Scarpa Drago is designed for all-around climbing. Ultimately, the choice between the two will depend on personal preference, budget and the type of climbing you’re planning to do.


  • Affordable pricing options
  • Neutral sole provides all-day comfort
  • Durable and reliable design
  • Velcro closure adds convenience for quick on and off


  • Design may not appeal to those people who are looking for a more modern look.

FAQs about Five Ten Niad Shoes

What types of sports are Five Ten shoes designed for?

Five Ten shoes are designed for a variety of high-friction and high-performance sports, including downhill mountain bike racing, rock climbing, wing suit flying, and kayaking.

Where is Five Ten based?

Five Ten is based in Redlands, California.

How long has Five Ten been producing cutting-edge designs and proprietary Stealth rubber soles?

Five Ten has been producing cutting-edge designs and proprietary Stealth rubber soles for nearly 30 years.

Does Five Ten collaborate with any athletes or guides in the development of their products?

Yes, Five Ten works closely with top national and international athletes and guides to ensure their products meet the needs and demands of the world’s most dangerous sports.

What sets Five Ten shoes apart from other brands in the market?

Five Ten’s proprietary Stealth rubber soles are what sets the brand apart from others in the market.


The Five Ten Niad lace shoes are unique in terms of their excellent edges, heels, sensitivity and comfort. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced climber at any experience level, these boots will give you a new experience. The main feature of this shoe is its length and secure heel cup which makes climbing easier for you. The Five Ten Niad lace is a versatile and durable climbing shoe that offers a balance of performance and comfort. The toe box is precise and allows for precision in technical moves, while the heel provides a secure fit and support. The shoe is designed for all-day comfort, with a fit that conforms to the shape of your foot, ensuring a secure and warm fit.

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